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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wish me Luck!

This beautiful photograph (it is not mine, it is taken from Here)  is of the Wyre Forest in Worcestershire.  We  have not had snow yet, but weather watchers are starting to whisper about it.  We have had three or four days of frost though that has not thawed.  Very very chilly.  Don't get me wrong I love 'The Great Outdoors'. I love taking children into 'The Great Outdoors' too, but I am a little worried.  Tomorrow I will be taking a group of children (with six other 'grown ups') to the Wyre Forest for the day.  It is day one of a 'ten' session 'Forest Schools' course.  We will go every Wednesday rain or shine for ten weeks.  Some of the kids have been before but I have not.  There is no toilet!  If we want to keep warm we need to collect firewood and make our own fire, if we want a warm drink we need to hope the Fire Gods are looking kindly upon us and Lord knows what we will eat.  One of the kids said to me today "Miss, you are not allowed to tell us off for climbing trees!"  It is 'Child lead learning' where we support whatever it is they choose to do in the forest, it may involve ropes, home made bows and arrows, fire skills, games and general Tom foolery!  The children I teach are permanently excluded from their mainstream schools, due to emotional and behavioural issues  I have been doing this job for twelve years and I don't have a single grey hair!  I hope I do not gain any tomorrow.  I need to hunt out my warmest woollies to take with me and get my bag packed, I can't see me sleeping  much tonight, I don't know if I am excited or anxious, probably a healthy mix of both.   So wish me luck, I will update you tomorrow if I survive!  Once my bag is packed I will be taking my nervous energy out on my Crochet Ripple.  I also have a very 'Good' book to read at bedtime.


  1. Sounds like a thermals type day! I think tomorrow is supposed to be a tad warmer. Hope the fire gods are good to you, perhaps take a thermos just in case!

  2. Good luck Lucy, I used to take parties of children on holiday to Skegness for a week at a time,150- 170 between about 15-20 leaders. Thankfully, we didn't manage to lose any and no serious incidents.
    Don't forget the thermals.
    Carol xx

  3. OHHHHH I love love Maggie Sefton books and the Knitting Mystery serious is the top of my must read list.

    Hope you get some snow soon, the kids are enjoying it here but I would love for it to go away ... lol.

    Good luck on your outing with all the kids, glad you got some adult helpers to come :)

  4. Blimey Lucy,

    "permanently excluded from their mainstream schools, due to emotional and behavioural issues" ... with home made bows and arrows?!

    I doubt mainstream kids would be encouraged to take such stuff on a school trip. It's a good thing you get on so well with them and I guess that's why you're going along.

    Best of luck, however, and I look forward to the next update!

    Lots of love,
    Sue (sil) xxx

  5. Wow! Best of luck! Hopefully you all stay warm and safe while you're out and about. Have fun if you can and enjoy witnessing the learning taking place around you. You can make it!

  6. Stay warm my lovely! If it's anything like here it's more foggy than anything. Look forward to hearing all about it.

  7. Hope all has gone well today for you all and you didn't freeze too much :-)
    You're a brave lady going out in the wilderness with no toilet and no coffee or tea to make you feel better too!

    Lori xx


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