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Monday, 2 January 2012

Blogging 'New Years Resolutions' - How to Increase your Blog Traffic - Reasons to Use 'Stumbleupon'

I am amazed I have been blogging for almost a year.  That is a long time to stick at something for someone like me with the attention span of a butterfly.  It enjoy 'the technology of keeping an 'Online Journal/Diary'.  It has just become part of what I do.  I am a little ashamed to say though I am motivated by Blog Traffic.  I would hate to be wittering away to myself.  At the last peep at my 'Flag Counter' I have had visitors from 117 different countries...Belize being the last country to pop over.  That is over half of the countries on the Globe.  I may stop when I have collected them all!  I would like to keep blogging and to keep increasing my traffic.

Where does 'Stumbleupon' fit in to all of this and why use it?

Three Reasons to Explore Stumbleupon:

1)  Stumbleupon 'help you to explore new and interesting things from every corner of the web'.  You narrow down your interests, hit the stumble key and you are taken to all sorts of places you would never have found. 

2)  It is a great way to share your Blog Content with a wider Audience by submitting  pages that you would like to drive blog traffic to.

3)  It is another place for connecting and networking with other bloggers.
 Stumbleupon is free and very easy to start using...I limit myself to a few 'Stumbles' a day as it is highly addictive!

If you do sign up let me know so I can connect with you on Stumbleupon.  It would be fun to see you there.  I am hoping it will also help me to find the other half of the globe audience!  I am finding lots of innovative craft ideas over there and also some brilliant recipes:

I could go on and on and on...over at Stumbledupon you save a list of all your likes and when you connect with others you can see and 'Stumble' all their likes...  Try it, I think you might just like it!


  1. I love stumbleupon :-) I'm xstitchwitch over there if you want to find me!
    Fab snowflakes!

    Lori xx

  2. I'll definitely look into stumbleupon, thank you for the tip. I love that hula-hoop, it's just been pinned for later on this winter to keep the girls busy!

  3. I came across those star wars snowflakes last month, but never got around to printing out the pattern, they are very cool aren't they. Let us know how stumble upon goes, hope you manage to collect all your countries!

  4. Hi Lucy, Happy New Year :-) I love looking at your blog, its always full of lovely photos and interesting information. I will def look at stembleupon as we need to get more interest in our alpaca business. (and I love searching for info on the internet - bit addicted lol)

    Thanks for your time you spend on your blog it such a lovely blog :-) xx

  5. i love the doily lampshade.
    and have been thinking about making a hula-hoop rug for sometime, although i don't remember where i saw the one that inspired me.
    i could just see your Evan making one :)
    i think it would be good for more folks to visit your blog, as i said in my previous comment visiting your blog was one of my 2011 highlights. always have such a good time reading your posts :)
    i don't know if i'm a bit odd but i am actually very much the other way regarding blog traffic. it disconcerts me to think that a lot of people i don't know might be reading my blog (although it would be fascinating to have extra-terrestial visitors like yours), therefore i avoid looking at my stats. however i do like to share it with the lovely crafty people i have 'met' and 'friended' in blogland. maybe i would do better with a semi-private blog. i've always been a bit shy you see. conversely i do like receiving comments, because they makes me feel all loved and appreciated. however if i received as many as the popular blogs do i would probably panic and hide (but as that's such an unlikely scenario, so i'm not really worried, lol). my feelings about all this could be to do with having lived with and mixed with famous peeps from a very young age, it's made me a bit attention phobic. i guess i'm saying that i wouldn't like to promote my blog. i like to keep a low profile and much prefer reading other people's blogs than writing my own, which always makes me feel a bit guilty because it's like going to everyone's parties but not holding one of your own. hope this doesn't make me sound all selfish and unsociable, 'cos i'm not really. i love people, but just not too many of them at once. this has kind of reminded of the uncertainty i feel in having a blog, sometimes i find it scary and odd (the whole internet thing is still relatively new to me and after all i am a recluse out in the sticks) but other times it feels wonderful to share and connect in a (hopefully) safe way. wait. should i publish this? it's a bit long! but i just fancied a chat about this. i wish i had your confidence, warmth and social skills.
    i think you have all the charm and ingredients for popularity and if you love it then go for it! i suits your gregarious, fun loving, inquisitive and zany nature. i wish you multitudes of lovely visitors and will send as many your way as i can.

    warmest wishes xxx


  6. I also am in love with stumbleupon. I am udontno on stumble and I use it almost daily. Everytime I post a new blog, I give it a thumbs up so other stumblers can find it... must say that I like the traffic!

  7. I am on Stumbleupon, as Lavender and Lovage....will look for you!

  8. Oh Crumbs 'Stumbling' is quite addictive.

    Sumea you can 'Stumble' in Private...The whole world doesn't need to know... I completely understand your is good to blog reflectively, I always love bumping into you in cyberspace :)

  9. If you need more help,check this out:


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