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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to it!

Back to work tomorrow!  Boo!

Christmas Tree Down and Packed Away - Check

Baubles Dusted off for another year and packed away - Check

Fairy Lights packed for another Year - Check

Festive Bunting Folded and stashed - Check

Frosty the Cheesy Snowman Boxed away for another year - Check

Snow globes and Mr Frost Russian Dolls safely Stashed - Check

Cards stashed for next years crafts - Check

Festive Chocolates Eaten - Must try harder

Christmas Cake Eaten - Now where did I put that Christmas Cake?

Laundry Mountain - OMG

Vacuuming the daily 'Dust Bunnies' - hmmm will get round to it...

Feeding Offspring - Well there are still some Twiglets, Candy Canes and KP Nuts left!

New stash stashed - I am still admiring it!

Chicken Coop Cleaned and beautified - Check

Oh no!  There is the Christmas Pudding - Check

Nag kids to tidy their belongings - Check

Tidy Living Room - I know it's in here somewhere...

Sort school bags and clothes - where are they?

Avoid Christmas Alcoholic Tipples however tempting - Or then Nothing on this list will get done

Work work - Always last on the list

Play newly discovered 'Motivational Music' to Clean to...Very weird but it works!!!
 ( I 'Stumbled' Across this on 'StumbleUpon').

Music to Clean By!

Hopefully when the above list has been accounted for I may have a 'Crafty' bit of me time!


  1. Happy New Year! I hope you have a lovely 2012 :) You sound very organised! We'll be taking our tree and decorations down tomorrow, and get our home back to normal :) xxx

  2. Oh Lucy what did you do to me? I would, nay should have been doing most of those things on your list but I've spent all blummin morning on stumbleupon! Oh dear oh dear! I will be making a phone holder out of a lotion bottle all afternoon now so no jobs done;)

  3. My favourite music to clean to is Not that I'm a big fan of cleaning but the music does help.
    I shall take the decorations down tomorrow, the washing mountain has gone........ but the ironing mountain? Just off to scale it now. Wonder who keeps leaving their washing here? There's only the two of us!
    Hope the return to work is bearable.
    Carol xx

  4. Loved your list...
    Laundry mountain.. LOL!!!

  5. Love your list :-)
    Need to check out that music! I discovered ZAZ lately, a French girl with very motivating music to me.
    I have been working through these last two weeks as usual and am so looking forward to having next week off!

  6. Louise...A phone holder out of a Lotion bottle...I gotta have me one! I will have a look when I have made my lunch box for tomorrow out of today's milk carton! You Know it makes sense!

  7. Happy New Year Lucy. I always seem to work better at the housework/ironing when I have music on - I set the ipod to shuffle so the choice is very random - from classical to rock in seconds lol! Back to work today for me and I'm exhausted. Will have to check out stumbleupon although it sounds like I'll spend even more time on Tinternet x

  8. Oh the after-holiday To-Do list. How daunting! I need to write mine up tonight to help guarentee that I don't miss anything. It sounds as though you've made good progress with yours though! Just imagine how fresh and happy you'll feel when it's all done :) You can do it!

    Music really does help doesn't it?

  9. Please hurry up and finish those jobs, even if you have to eat the pudding yourself so that you can get back to your crafty pursuits!


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