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Monday, 16 January 2012

Dead Grateful to Ripple

The Grateful Dead - Ripple

I am still rippling away on my Crochet Ripple is like climbing a mountain, just when you think you are going to reach the find you still have a long way to go.   Rippling up, rippling down, rippling up, rippling down, it is about all I can cope with this Monday evening.  It is keeping me warm to work under though as we have had a very cold spell. 
           I am very worried about Frozen Chickens.  They do not seem to mind though and still come out to play with gusto in the frost!  They usually sleep two together and one on her own, but this cold spell has seen all three of them getting along nicely and cuddling up together at night.  They take themselves to bed when it is dark and I just have to go and shut them up safely for the night.  I saw a big fox trot past my house at 6.45pm last night, he has given me a nightmares.  I go out in the pitch black and shove my hand in the coop to do a quick head count and it is like a unique musical instrument as I pat each chicken they sound a musical note, if I am accurate I get three notes, if I have to grope around I may get several dud notes that sound a bit disgruntled, until all three chickens are accounted for.  

Never underestimate a chicken!  There is no end to their talents!

I really hope to have some craft to show you soon, I am not sure how long you can cope with my random chicken posts!  X


  1. Lovely post Lucy, made me smile on a chilly Monday night.
    Stay warm!!!

  2. Being down to one chicken, I was contemplating putting a hot water bottle in the eglu tonight! We've had foxes sat on the driveway before now, very disconcerting!

    Looking forward to seeing some ripples.

  3. Hi Lucy, one reason we decided against chickens - darned foxes. I'd be sat outside on guard all night. Hope yours are safe and sound and not too frozen.
    I'm making a blanket from here, must do photos!
    Carol xx

  4. I do love hearing about your chickens :) I got tickled over thinking about each of them making their own sound as you pat them. My husband is shaking his head at me as I giggle. I hope they stay safe from the fox! I've never seen one here in my hometown. Then again, I have only ever seen one person ever that has chickens who doesn't live on a "proper" farm. Keep warm and keep on the good work with your ripple!

  5. I'm glad you're keeping your henny penny's safe. You should record a movie of you checking them and the sounds they make... you could become a YouTube sensation! I still think about losing my hens to the coyote and it's quite upsetting. When we get new ones I'm getting a "Cuckoo Maran" which lays dark brown eggs. We're going to get an automatic door closer also that closes via a light sensor. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I love your random chicken posts :) Keep 'em coming! I'm sure you'll finish the blanket eventually too!

  7. LOVELY post! My chickens are fine in the cold....they roost before dark and I have topped up their hut with extra straw. Two of them are still laying and they enjoy the cold running around!
    My blog has moved by the way...from blogger to Wordpress here:

  8. i for one love and need chicken posts as well as craft ones.
    be careful of the fox, they have also been known to strike during daylight hours and it sounds like he's casing the joint.


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