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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What is Orange and Rhymes with Parrot?

Emily at  has kindly agreed to let me share some of her photographs with you.  'Ba-gawks' is my type of place, loads of photographs of chickens and goats.  I am very excited and pleased about this as I think the photographs are wonderfully creative and they make me very happy to look at.  I really hope they make you smile as much as they make me smile.
Little Chicken on the prairie

Chick Peas

Chicken in a Little Mushroom Hat

Chicken and Tomato

Chicken Hood

Ahoy Jim Lad!

Chicken Flower Fashion

Helping the ill

Chicken and Sweetcorn

Warrior Chicken

Suits you Sir!

Pretty as a Picture

Wingardium Leviosa

May the Force be with You!

If you would like to see more photographs pop over and say 'Hiya' to Emily.  I am off to get me some felt!


  1. Genius!!! They have had me chuckling away...I particularly like Chickpeas :)

  2. I know how hard it is to take photos of chickens, but photos of chickens with hats on. There must have been a fair few outtakes!!

  3. Sarah I love the 'Chick peas' too.
    Claire if you look at Emily's Blog there are loads more pictures and some are of the chickens rejecting their little can see what the chickens are thinking!

  4. Now that's funny! I was watching a programme a few weeks ago where they found some chicken's tiny rose coloured glasses in an old storage locker, they were really funny and apparently they used them on chicken farms in the 1950's to keep them calm! Think we could all do with some of those...

  5. Both hubby and I got a huge kick out of these pictures. I miss my hens. :-(

  6. You are of course quite bonkers, funny but bonkers. Just wondering if I could scale up for the dog?

  7. Simply Fabulous, you had best get creating Lucy, but I am not sure you can top those pics!!!!

  8. you're as mad as a hatter! ;)

    fab pics :)

  9. They dont look too thrilled about wearing the hats. I think they are creative but I cant say as Id use them with my flock.

  10. These are awesome! I could not help but smile! Would you like to link this up to our blog party? I think folks would just love it!


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