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Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Aftermath

'Aftermath' is not really the right word.  The living room does look like an 'Aftermath' though.  This has to be the best part of the Christmas Holiday.  The 'hard work' is over.   The meals have been cooked and eaten and the gifts unwrapped.  The 'usual' routine has been postponed for another week at least and everyone is happy playing with their 'new' toys.
      Our Christmas Meal was rather good, even if I do say so myself.  I did not photograph it, as my lot grow a little tired of me photographing 'spurious' things for my Blog.  Each year I am getting better at streamlining the Christmas Celebration as it can be over the top to the point of stifling.  We ate our 'Starters' on boxing day and had a light lunch of 'Seafood Cocktail'.  Euan had 'Prawn Sandwiches' as he insists he does not like 'Cock Tails' even though we have reassured him no 'Cocks' or 'Tails' are involved he is not risking it.
Our Christmas Lunch was:
Turkey Crown...much easier than a whole bird.  Quick to cook, well quicker than an enormous Turkey and there seemed to be less guess work...'Will it be dry'?  'Will it be raw'?  'Will it fit in the oven'?  It cooked well and we had lovely moist Turkey.
We have to have 'Pigs in Blankets' - Sausages wrapped in Bacon.  Lovely.
I also made Sausage, Chestnut and Cranberry Stuffing.  Lovely.
I made homemade 'Bread Sauce' for the first time instead of a packet mix.  Easy Peasy.
I also made homemade 'Cranberry Sauce' this year for the first time.  Lovely.
We had Roast Potatoes and Roast Parsnips, roasted in Goose fat - we only do this at Christmas.
Mashed Potatoes.
and lots of Brussel Sprouts.  Euans job on Christmas Eve is to pick all the sprouts off the 'Sprout Trees'.  He likes that job.
We now have the fridge full of leftovers, cold meats, pickles and cheese.  I also have the 'slow pot' full of 'Turkey and Vegetable Soup'.  This easy catering for a day or two makes for reading or crafting time.
          I have finished two books.  Both by Annie Murray.  Both books are Historic novels based around Birmingham.  I like these books as I can relate to the locality and I have family from Birmingham.  My Grandparents settled in Birmingham and bought a house but they were 'bombed out' in the War and came back to our 'home town' to live with family.  They never bought a house again.  'The Chocolate Girls' is about a group of girls working at Cadbury Chocolate Factory during the war.  This Factory is still going strong although I believe it is not British owned any more.  The Cadbury Factory was built by Quakers and it was a great place to work in it's day as the Quakers looked after their workers with trips, classes, sports, arts and all manner of activities.   You can still go to Bournville, it is is a Village within Birmingham that is built around a green, there are no Pubs in keeping of the Quaker religion.  The Spinning Guild I go to is held in a Quaker 'Friends Meeting House'.  I will add these two books to my Fifty Book Challenge List.
   'Birmingham Rose' talks more about life in the slums of Birmingham.  I am very familiar with Birmingham Centre and it is all based around places I would know.  It talks about 'The Bull Ring' and Birmingham Markets.  My Grandmothers used to go to the Birmingham Markets for an outing and come back with delights like fresh whole crabs or prawns.  I used to go with my Aunt on the train and travel back eating 'Sea Food', cockles or whelks drenched in vinegar and salt and pepper, from a paper bag. Sometimes Euan and I go to the markets and now they cater for a variety of ethnic cultures.  We walk around the meat stores and look at goat heads, cows feet, squirrels, Salt Fish and other alien foods to us.  Euan is partial to Crab and prawns too but we both hate whelks now.
        I feel like in the 'Aftermath' this post is all over the place.  I am sorry if you are struggling to keep up.  I am hoping today will be about crafty pursuits.  I have three things in mind.  I have some crochet to be getting on with.  Some fleece to finish spinning and then ply and my brother bought me a new toy.  A Mayan Spinner, or Rakestraw Spinner.  I am hoping to teach myself how that works and tell you more about it. . . I hope you are all enjoying 'The Aftermath' too.


  1. I listened to both books as audio books, I enjoyed them too.
    Your Christmas meal sounds wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing all my blog friends crafty gifts!

  2. You sure do keep yourself busy! If I could stay off this computer, I would get so much done.

  3. Oh boy my living room looked like a wrapping paper store threw up .. lol. I thought I picked it all up but I keep finding little pieces here and there.

    I love your doing the book challenge I so need to do more me time and read I really miss it. The chocolate girls looks interesting.

  4. hiya, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog, although i have had 15 views but only your one comment, I wonder why lol. I,ve had to resort to my trusty laptop to finally post a few comments , and to try to edit THAT post as doing it on the ipad is beyond me for the time being,I can't blame Euan for not wanting to try seafood cocktails lol,bless him. Your christmas dinner tastes lovely , no cooking for me tho, we went to my daughters , going over to the 50 book challenge list to have a read

  5. Thanks for the book intros...I would like to read them too, I think. Your report of Euan's cocktail aversion prompted me to chuckle, also :) Your new spinner intrigues me! I look forward to a future post about it! [no pressure intended :)] xx from Gracie

  6. I can't wait to hear about your new 'toy' and what you have done with it ^_^ Fab 50 book update. I am glad you enjoyed your Christmas(very late merry christmas wishes from me!) and many best wishes for 2013, I hope it's full of wonderful things for you all.
    PS. The Tudor Pig would escape from his snug little home during the night and eat my leg if I even tried to put him on a diet!! ^_^ He has been very happy over Christmas eating one of his faves, broccoli!


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