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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

We have had a horrible Bug that Euan picked up from school.  It was one of those bugs that required 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' to recover.  Euan loves my 'Homemade Chicken Soup'.  The poor thing has been pretty poorly but is on the mend and will be back at school tomorrow.  Today I went to Weigh In and had a 'Stay the Same'.  Good grief. . . it is so easy to pack the weight on but so difficult to get it off again.  Never mind at least I am not putting it on!

               Henry had his first interview today for a job in a new 'Play Centre' that is opening in town.  He makes me laugh.  Belly laugh.  He was very stressed out before the interview and I did not help at all because I find him hilarious when he is stressed or angry.  The more hilarious I find him the more stressed he becomes!  I was literally doubling up with my sides splitting. . . I can't help my 'Mothering Skills'.  The problem was I asked him to take a last minute shave, he didn't want to, so I insisted!  Then he gave himself a bright red rash!  He was not happy.  He shouted 'I can not go to an interview with these mutton chops!'  My cackling did not appease him!   He has come back really really enthusiastic about getting the job.  I think it had something to do with the interviewer being 'hot'!  It is all good because if he gets this job it will be lighter on my purse.  It could mean he will 'host' children's disco's.  I think this is hilarious too.  One of the questions was ' You won't mind dancing about and making a bit of a fool of yourself will you?'  Well when you want/need a job you have to say 'no you won't mind'.  He also said he got really stumped on one question, they asked 'What will you do if you are hosting a Disco and the music player breaks?'  Good Lord!  Who would not panic in that situation?  Henry looks terrified of the prospect.  It sounds character building to me and besides 'what doesn't break you makes you stronger'.
                Euan nominated our next door neighbour to receive a 'Harvest Festival' package from school.  Poor Sid lost his wife this year and he has not been well.  He was surprised and delighted when a big box of groceries arrived.  I like 'Harvest Festival'.
              The girls are doing fine and are happy and laying well.  I get three eggs most days.  The lovely Lavender is one of the gang and they live together harmoniously.  They have two nest boxes but all prefer to squish in the one together.  I may may remove the partitioning 'wall' altogether.  Some one is not laying well.  I do not know who.  I have been giving them extra treats.
Scrambled egg is supposed to be a good tonic and can help with laying.  I also save all of the egg shells and bake them.  Then I crush them and feed them as a supplement.  Here they are enjoying warm scrambled egg mixed with oats and egg shell.  They liked that a lot.  One morning was frosty this week so warm breakfasts for the chickens will be in order.  I went in the garden to 'Talk Turkey' with the chickens this week and 'Rosie' did her usual trick of jumping on my back and climbing onto my shoulder.  She does look lovingly into my eyes.  I discovered a 'Microwave Omelette Maker'.  I am not usually one for gadgets but this is nifty.  You can make an omelette in next to no time, with no mess and no oil.  Omelettes are on the menu big time!
                  You are not going to believe this but I am still decluttering!  Will it ever end?  I took five more bags to the Charity shop today so I have made some more space.  It takes hours and honestly you cannot tell I have done anything.  I am going through cupboards and draws and trying to get organised.  By Christmas (2014)  I should be done!
                    The troops are hungry here so I better go and 'play' Mom!  Hopefully there maybe some time tonight to 'Tinkle on my Inkle' loom.  I have been getting some tiny clothes crocheted in between playing nurse and feeling somewhat below par myself.  Life eh?  Another day in Paradise!


  1. the girls are so sweetttt..i love them from my heart..
    enjoy your soup..
    hugs xx

  2. Hey Lucy.. we have another thing in common.. we've had a virus too. I hope you guys get over it soon. We're on the mend. We had a few days of rain now it's sunny for two and now the rain is coming back this evening. We're off to volunteer at the falls.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. that soup is making my mouth water :-P

  4. Love the look of the soup and Evan and all feeling better, go Henry, would be a fun job in play
    centre!! Love seeing and hearing about the chickens, when I had 2 Isa brown chooks they would
    love to perch on anyone's shoulder like a Pirate parrot arhh lol lol.
    Always good visiting here, I have been a bit a miss with my post's of late, must get snapping pics.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that the illness is over your way too! No fun :( Chicken soup heals many things though. Best of luck to Henry! It sounds like a great opportunity for him. I never would have that that scrambled eggs would be so good for chickens! I'm sure they'll be enjoying their warm breakfasts now that the winter months are rolling in. That omelet maker will get some good use I'm sure! And congrats on more decluttering! It seems like a never-ending process sometimes. It's got to feel good getting big bags of stuff out of your house!Don't wear yourself out too much with everything you are doing. Be sure to eat some of that soup yourself and take care.

  6. The soup looks yummy!Sorry about the Bug, I hate when they bring those home from school.

    glad to hear he got the job, I would so be the same as you :)

  7. Crikey! I hope the chicken soup has done the job and you are feeling much better? I love the harvest festival story...we had a big one here the other week and lots of stuff was donated to various foodbanks.
    Your chicken stories always make me smile...I love reading about them :)

  8. Hope the weekend has seen you feeling chipper again Lucy, your soup looks delicious, almost worth being ill for!!!!! As for the decluttering, my friend it never ends I know I'm still doing it! x


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