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Friday, 26 October 2012

Adjusting to Autumn

It is very cold today.  So far I have had trouble feeling positive about the Autumn.  It all looks very pretty but;
The nights are drawing in and the days have been wet, windy and cold.  I showed you my muddy dog walk.  It really is not as inviting as going out in the Summer.  I am still trying to lose weight but in the colder weather I just want to eat stews and casseroles and chunks of crusty bread.  Exercise is also harder to squeeze in.  This week I put weight back on.  Gah!  I have still lost 2 stone though and I really don't intend to put that back on.
          Euan is really looking forward to Halloween.  I have had trouble finding him some 'Vampire fangs' of all things.  I have been round and round the shops and in the end have ordered some from Ebay.  I hope they arrive in time.  I bought both boys a Toffee Apple yesterday as they are in all of the shops at the moment.  Euan was eating his and making a terrible noise and mess.  I asked him to eat his Toffee Apple with better manners.  Then he pointed out to me that without his two front teeth and four other missing teeth he really was doing the best job he could.  Poor little man, I forgot the tooth situation when I bought the Toffee Apples!
             I have a collection of 'Pumpkins' sitting in the fireplace ready for Halloween.  The shops have a lovely variety of 'squash' at the moment and it is great to experiment with them.  I came across a delicious sounding recipe for 'Potimarron Soup'.  I had no idea what a 'Potimarron' was so I went to good old 'Google Images'.  Low and behold I had one!  The above squash is a 'Potimarron'.  I have made pumpkin soup before and I am not really that smitten.  I have made 'Butternut Squash Soup' before and that is a big hit in this house.  'Butternut Squash Soup' is one of Henry's favourites.  (Ooooh talking of Henry, he got an e-mail yesterday, he got the part-time job.  Hoorah)!  Back to the Butternut, Butternut is a delicious vegetable but it is a battle to keep all of ones fingers when preparing and peeling it.  The recipe I came across for 'Potimarron' used unpeeled squash.
You just need to scoop out the seeds and chop up the flesh with the peel on.
Then I simmered the chopped 'Potimarron' with chopped onion, in 1.5 litres of vegetable stock until the potimarron is tender.  I used my hand 'whizzer' to make a delicious smooth, rich, chestnutty flavoured soup and seasoned to taste.
I served with a blob of reduced fat Creme Fraiche and some crispy fried bacon lardons.  This soup is absolutely Scrumdiddlyumptious.  It cheered me up, warmed me up and filled me up.  If in your travels you hap to come across a 'Potimarron' pop him in your basket and give him a good home.  This is a very simple soup where you just can't go wrong.
            There is a Tai Chi school in Devon that are running a rather interesting Potimarron Project you can read about it by clicking the link.  I am hoping to get hold of some seeds for next year and I will try to grow my own golden orbs of lovliness.
              We are on School holiday now for a week and I intend to get a well earned rest as well as digging out some crafty UFOs and completing some projects.  In my recent decluttering exploits I think I have come across about seven unfinished projects!  I need to get busy.  My other half has put in an order for a simple woolly hat. . . he wants it as of yesterday!  Euan also needs some gloves. . . kids and gloves!  We have lots of gloves that have lost their partners!  One of his favourite Bart Simpson gloves ended up on the school roof!  He just happened to throw it as the wind took it!  As you do!


  1. Your soup looks really tasty, may just try that one day :)Just clicked on the link to the Potimarron Project. Have lived in Devon for years and never knew this place existed. It can't be more than 20 minutes away from where I live. What a small world!

  2. Soup looks delicious Lucy, just the thing for chilly days. My lot love it too and the homemade bread I knock up to go with it! Oh the holidays have arrived, you can tell it's nearly midnight and I'm still up Yay! Like you I shall rest and finish some projects and get out on my bike. Oh, that week's looking a bit short to me. x

  3. Thanks for introducing me to a 'new' squash, Lucy. I came home from the store with several new to me varieties of squash the other day...maybe I can try your recipe. I am glad you have a week to catch your breath and hopefully do some crafting as well. The basket beside my favorite chair has three started projects and the makings for a number of other projects as well. Your description of Euan's plight evokes great sympathy :) Bravo for Henry's new job! xx from Gracie

  4. I know what you mean about the safety of ones fingers when cutting a butternut squash! I love them and had them twice this past week but they sure are hard to get into. Your soup looks so good! YUM!

  5. They are called hokkaido pumpkin over here, and I love that I don't have to peel them! I usually do my soups (potato/carrot/pumpkin - whatever I have) with just a bit of oil to roast some onions/spring onions and some garlic. Purree them and no need for cream or creme fraiche. We LOVE these soups.


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