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Monday, 24 September 2012

Waving the White Flag for Monday!

Jeepers, I got home from work at about 4.50pm.  Euan had a school bag full of letters and forms for me to sort out.  He was also upset about a broken lunchbox that grandad had tried to fix with pliers.  Daddy tried to fix it with pliers last week and the result is today his 'Angry Bird' lunchbox gave up the ghost and did indeed create 'an angry bird'!  Euan is due to take part in some 'Bikeability' training at school and needed a safety helmet and a bike lock.  So off we went in search of the said items and second 'Angry Bird Lunchbox'.  40 minutes and £40 pounds later back home to the 'trusty slowpot', Butternut, Sweet potato and Chickpea Curry ready and waiting.  Then:
  • Sign swimming consent forms for Euan and find £12.00
  • sign Bikeability forms and find £5.00
  • sign Dodgeball Forms and find £9.00
  • Nominate elderly neighbour for Harvest Festival Gift
  • sign forms for middle school
  • Sign form for middle school open evening
  • Plot all dates on the calender (still have to put them in my diary)
  • Read Henry's Philosophy homework
  • Do one load of washing
  • Wash up from Tea 
  • Make packed lunches for tomorrow
  • Feed starving dog
  • Round up chickens in the dark (find two stuck in the Rhubarb pen and not much left of the Rhubarb)
I am sure many of you will be more than familiar with this palaver.  I feel like I need a secretary or a PA.  I also need a second job just to send my kids to school!  I wish both of them would just quit growing!  On the bright side it is good to know Euan is being encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle at school, it is just a shame, Dodgeball, Bikeability and Swimming all take place on Thursdays...this Thursday we also have his parents evening too.  The poor kid is gonna be 'hitting the wall' on Thursdays.  We will have a contest who will crumple first and I have a feeling it will be me!  No rest for the wicked, still have laundry to sort.  Stop the world, I wanna get off!  Oh on the bright side today...from a weight loss perspective...I thought I should share an indication of my success...My knickers and trousers have been falling down all day!  Hooorahhh!


  1. Oh, how familiar that all sounds! Hope tomorrow is slightly less stressful, and expensive!! Although sounds like you might have to go buy some new clothes ;)

  2. Sending you big hugs deary xxx

  3. Same here! (Except the chickens) Oh that reminds me to check and see about school lunches tomorrow...ugh!

  4. Oh boy.. I remember those days. You will love being retired. Today we have a 3 year old grandson staying with us for 4 days.. he and gramps are asleep in the recliner next to me. I'm blogging and watching HGTV... we WERE going to take him to a movie.. unless he sleeps through the starting time.. LOL!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Just like Teresa I remember those days so well, I had 4 kids and they all played basketball on the weekends
    too!! lol Retirement is wonderful and I have my 11 year old grandson for a week and he is currently singing
    in the shower lol. Slept till 10am (morning here at moment)so easy peasy boy ☺☺ for now......
    take care and hugs to you, wendy

  6. I got tired just reading your post! Hopefully you will get a little break soon. :) Congrats on the loose clothing! That's wonderful!

  7. Oh, I hear you honey. I have two middle school girls and my days feel like that a lot. Except I don't have chickens. That could just put me over the top.

    Sending you bits of my leftover strength to help get you through to bedtime.


  8. You'll have to get yourself some braces Lucy LOL! I remember the hideous drudge of the bookbag lunchbox palaver,I had it times 4 and the cost oh my! It doesn't seem to end when they leave school either today I'm having to fork out for a new tyre for an 18 year old.......he's worn his out doing skids!!!!!!!!

  9. Congrats on that weight loss ... I love how we measure how well we are doing with losing weight!!

  10. I don't miss those days at all. I thought it would get easier when Son No 1 moved out and Son number 2 went to collage. I seem to spend more time running around and the handouts got larger. Some day I will be old and batty ( sooner than they think ) and I'll get my own back.

  11. Deep breaths, Lucy! I still marvel that my children and I survived the challenges of was truly by the grace of God! Bravo for the WW results!!!
    xxx from Gracie

  12. ha ho ha ho lol so funny, your knickers and trousers falling down,thanks for another great post


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