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Sunday, 9 September 2012

'Rainbows' September 2012 Update

You may remember I posted back in July about my youngest son being born premature in 2004.  He is now 8yrs old and a big strong fella for his age.  I was really grateful way back when he was born over 8 weeks early to have hand knitted hats and cardigans in tiny sizes available on the Maternity ward.  I have always wanted to 'payback' the kindness.  My Blog Buddy Teresa suggested I ask for help from my Blog Buddies to build a collection of items to donate.  Another Blog Buddy, Claire suggested the name 'Rainbows' for the project.  I know people are busy and there is no pressure as I am looking to donate in July 2013.  I am really happy with the work that has been going on so far.  Some people have decided to make items to donate to their local hospital and others have decided to send the garments to me to donate to the hospital where Euan was born.   It brings a great big smile to my face.  I will update on the project as near to the 10th of each month as I can.

Lacey has been busy Crocheting hats and has blogged a post about them over at 'Mina and Me'.
Lacey has been using this pattern Teresa's 10 Minute Preemie Hat.  Very cute.

Teresa Kasner is responsible for this Bloggy Idea and has got busy making tiny hats to donate to her local hospital.

Linda from Chalky's World sent me a fantastic parcel.  It was really lovely to see so many items that will help so many babies and their families.  I was really touched.  Linda and her Mother in Law do lots of 'Charity Knitting and Crochet' for various worthy causes.
Lots of tiny white hats. . .
Little tiny pink hats. . .
Lovely little blue hats. . .
I photographed this tiny hat next to a CD so you can get an idea of the size.  While you are making these hats it is easy to think that they are just too tiny.  These early babies can be like little pixies and hats are quite crucial even in the middle of Summer.  Preemie babies have difficulty maintaining their body temperature and all need warm hats.
I love this tiny cardigan and hat set.  I was so grateful to have cardigans that fitted Euan nicely, without having the sleeves rolled over lots of times.  I would like to make tiny cardigan like this one.  I need to find a good pattern and get going.
These are simple 'Garter Stitch' knitted 'Angel Pockets'.
These are crochet 'Angel Pockets'.  There is a sad reality that 'Angel Pockets' are used on all Maternity wards as not all babies make it.  They are wrapped in these 'hand made with love' pockets.  Bless them.

  My Mom told her friend that I was doing this on my blog.  So her friend kindly donated these two hats too.
                   I think you will agree there is a lovely growing collection here.  I am really pleased and happy.  I am fully intending to get cracking and make more items as soon as possible.  I have posted a 'Rainbows' page at the top of my blog and there are some links now to patterns.  If you have any to add though I would appreciate it.  This is a long term work in progress and it is a real joy to know I can payback the kindness.  A big 'Thank you' to everyone for your kindness so far.


  1. Lucy, I'm so glad to read this post! I will get busy on some more preemie hats using a soft acrylic. What a great way to give back to the community and to the littlest ones at that! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. This is a great project Lucy...have you got a button I can stick on my blog?

    Amanda :-)

    1. I did think I need to work on a 'button' I know nothing about them...I will try and get one sorted for the October update. xxx

  3. What a worthwhile project - you have inspired me to make some items for my local hospital. I will post pics when I do:)

  4. Really beautiful contributions, Lucy. I still have not made the one hat I committed to make and donate locally, but I have not forgotten, and am glad you are organizing the project. Gracie xxx

  5. Well done to you for putting the idea out there in the blogosphere and to everyone who has donated projects whether to you or direct to the recipients :) I knit little preemie blankets for the local hospital and know how much all the items will be appreciated x x x

  6. What a lovely, inspiring post. I'm so busy at the moment, but very glad to hear that this project is running until next year - I'm sure sometime between then and now I'll be able to make something to contribute!

    Much love,

  7. This is such a wonderful project. I actually learned to crochet as part of a charity group in my office. We would donate to local hospitals and women's centers. Unfortunately, the group no longer exists at work, but it always warms my heart to see that there are wonderful people out there continuing this type of work. :)

  8. I'm happy to make a bundle for you. It might be a week or three(or even four!) but I can make some mini clothes inbetween other things for sure. If you could email me ( with your address then I will get making ^_^
    I found these links too


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