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Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Give Away at 'Show and Tell' Perfect For The Autumnal Nip In The Air

Step over at 'Show and Tell' is having a 'Mabon' Give Away.   You must pop over and take a peek you could be in with a chance of winning some Autumnal goodies that would sit well with the distinctly Autumnal nip in the air.  Steph is incredibly arty and crafty talented and I love everything she makes and creates.  Do you remember Here when I was lucky enough to be the Runner up in one of Steph's Give Aways.  I was delighted with my little package of lovliness.  I adore the 'Worry Dolls'.  Here is a fascinating tutorial about how 'The Worry Dolls' come in to being.  They are teeny tiny and painted so sweetly.  If you are not a follower of Steph's Blog I could not recommend it highly enough.  You just never know what little treasure is going to pop up next.  It is a very Happy and Inspirational Little Corner of Blogland.  You can also find Steph on Folksy, she has a little shop selling some delightful hand mades...  if you are looking for cute gifts or stocking fillers...DollyDollyDaydreams  may be just your kind of place. XXX


  1. I will go check out that blog. I wish you could have been here for lunch with Gracie and me! You'll have to come and visit some day. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. OO! Tis all about me!!Thank you *hugs* Tudor pig is going to be having a spruce up over the weekend for his photo shoot!Just for you ^_^
    Big thanks for the MASSIVE shout out ^_^

  3. Just took a look at your glorious socks Lucy..............They are awesome and OMG how brave of ewe to tackle that matted mess for your first attempt....real hardcore. My friend offered me some raw fleece........I ran for the hills, not ready for that just yet!!!!! If I could knit socks I would, but I can't so it's back to the drawing board to decide what to do with it! Happy Weekend and thanks for you lovely comments on my blog, they always make me laugh. ♥

  4. hello dear, its me cucki..thank you so much for following my blog and taking part in the giveaway.
    good luck
    big hugs xxx

  5. Steph's worry dolls are amazing aren't they? So detailed it's ridiculous for the size of them! I admit I have two lots of them :-)
    Off to enter the giveaway before it's too late, I've been slacking again on the blogs...

    Lori xx


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