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Sunday, 16 September 2012

A little bit of this and that...

I got very fed up with the paint on the walls in our living room.  It is yellow which my OH and Euan really like.  When my OH painted about six years ago he tested paint slap bang in the middle of the wall, about four shades of yellow and there it has stayed, driving me mad!  I hate painting it literally makes me nauseous.  I also hate the upheaval of moving everything around and shouting 'Wet Paint'!  I live in a small house.  It feels like it is bulging at the seams.  It is home though and we like it here.  Let's just say it aint exactly Buckingham Palace.  I decided to go ethnic and ordered this fabric from Jaipur in India.  It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I am very pleased with it and it hides the patchwork paint a treat!  The colours did not really come out true in the photograph, but you get the idea.
         Staying in the round, I had a little tidy and declutter of the mantle piece, where everyone chucks loose change, odd sweets, till receipts and the like.   It is stained where everyone has put their cups, so these are a little late but again they hide some of the imperfections, until I get round to doing something about them.
Coaster Number One
And Coaster Number Two.
                 I liked making coasters to hide the imperfections and they are obviously very quick and easy for a bit of instant gratification.   Adding more crochet to the house in whatever form makes me happy.  I have resisted starting another blanket (I think).  I do have a nasty case of 'Startitis' at the moment.  I have an idea for Cushion covers for the dining  chairs and started this:

  It is square. . . honest.  I have so many projects on the go, I really do not know when these cushion covers will get finished but I am certain they will be fab a groovy when they are.  I do love a cheerful 'Granny'.
               Now I told you I have a bad case of 'Startitis', while hanging the fabric on the wall I shifted some bags of yarn.  I think I have found the stash that the dog raids when I go out.  I come back home to various pretty balls of yarn around the house, usually with the ball band missing but the yarn does not often get damaged.  Maybe a little bit tangled.  I think if 'Lacey' was a human rather than a dog she would love yarn crafts too.  I found a lonely ball of 'King Cole' Riot.  I can't tell you the colourway, because the ball band is missing!  I think it is 'Wicked' or 'Magic' or something like that.  I received it in a swap last Christmas.  I love this yarn and actually bought it and sent it to my 'Swap Partner'!  How silly.  We did swap other lovely goodies too though.  I unearthed it this weekend and decided it would be perfect for a 'Queen Anne's Lace Scarf'.  After five or six false starts on the pattern Here, I think I have finally grasped it.  There is a strong theme to this post that perfectionism is not my strong point!
Here is a garish close up:
I know some of you have worked on this pattern and I am slightly puzzled about how to block it.  Obviously scarfs are pretty long and there seems to be so many places to pin.  I think it may be a case of 'There is no easy way'.  I will have to block it in stages due to the lack of space.  It is a nice easy pattern to work on and the yarn makes it interesting due to the colour changes.  It really should be a Christmas present for somebody. . . but I don't think I am going to be able to part with it!
               Sunday is my main baking/ cooking day.  I was up early this morning to chat with the hens and gather in the harvest for the Sunday Lunch.  Yesterday I dug some potatoes with four chickens perilously close to the spade.  I can't say they were helpful, they were a positive hindrance.  They were having such fun though I did not want to spoil it by putting them in there coop.  Yesterday was one of the annual highlights of the chicken world.  The emptying of the Compost bins!  They love this.  I put barrow loads of compost onto the borders and fruit bushes.  The chickens helped to spread it all.  Boy did they spread it all. . . all over the lawn!  Now I need to find the time to rake it all.  Today's harvest was a few apples and the last of the green beans.
 I made an Apple Crumble too:
The topping had brown sugar and Toasted Almond Flakes. . .don't tell the Weight Watchers Lady, I am sure she will find out on Thursday's Weigh in.
              I have had a Happy Hooky weekend and the antibiotics seem to be working their magic.  I am a bit resentful that although work pays the bills it does spoil the hooky time!   Monday afternoon at work is 'Cooking Lesson'.  The kids love it and so do I.  Last week we made 'Apple Crumbles' and tomorrow they will make 'Apple Pie'.  Not a bad achievement for 8-10 year olds.
              I hope you have all had a good weekend too.  xxx


  1. Gotta love those instant gratification projects :) I like your little coasters! The colors in the scarf also have my attention. Blues and purples are straight up my alley. Someday I'll get around to trying a Queen Anne's Lace scarf. They are very pretty and I hear they are fairly simple. And I must say, that apple crumble looks delicious! You make some of the tastiest looking treats!

  2. It looks like you've had a fulfilling and homey weekend. I can just imagine the aroma of the apples cooking with a oaty crumbly top.. yum yum. We just got home from having pizza with our son-in-law who is in town from Ohio for a work conference. Our 2 sons and there families were there too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I love the fabric on the wall, that's exactly the sort of thing I would do if Husband wasnt so traditional in his tastes. I was hoping he'd loosen up a bit when we moved to Glastonbury LOL
    That crumble made my mouth water :-P

  4. Wowsers, you have been busy! I love the fabric on the wall and think it looks great :) Your cooking looks great, do you have any good hints of what to do with runner beans? Our fridge is full of the things! I hope that your startitis ends up being finished projects - they all look great and the scarf looks marvellous in the King COle riot!

  5. Lucy loving all your bits and pieces and I have never blocked anything ever! It does not go with my " Don't worry be happy" approach to mu hooky pursuits. I have never quite understood it as do you have to block it every time you wash it!

  6. You've been busy and inventive Lucy, all in one weekend, I'm impressed! Love that throw on the wall very cosy for the winter that will be. Hope you have a good week, we need to win the lottery, work really interferes with crafting doesn't it!

  7. hi love your wall hanging, i think all crocheters suffer from startitis, I definately do, and i agree work does get in the way,yum yum just tasted your apple crumble, delicous

  8. Hi Lucy, our sunroom has been yellow for years, not any more, it is blue and so is our bedroom. We've been just the same as you, everything being moved around so decorating could be done. Love your wall hanging.
    I get startitis too but have been good this weekend and made two things which were requests.
    Love crumble, fished a rhubarb one out of the freezer yesterday, it didn't last long!
    Carol xx

  9. A lovely post! You seem to have been very busy. Whilst all you food looks scrummy, I can taste those home grown runner beans now! Mmmmm :)

  10. That's a lovely tapestry. It really sucks about the paint swatches but that print really is a lovely addition to the room, at least from your picture.


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