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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Quick Chicken Update 'My Brood'

I don't have any 'new' chicken pics but I can showcase my 'Egg Mayonnaise'.  All is well in the coop I am very proud to report.  There has been no more fighting between the girls after my two hour 'Water Blasting Patrol'.  I am patting myself on the back.  I have read it takes an average of three to five weeks to integrate new hens.  I can recommend 'The Inthesky Water Blaster Method'.  I have four happy hens.  I have not lost Lavender again (yet).  She is a very funny character.  She chases the magpies away with gusto.  She is not backwards in coming forwards for her share of the treats and she is quite hilarious at bedtime.  She waddles wearily up to the coop at least an hour before the others.  The coop is for four hens but it is a tight squeeze.  It will make it snug and warm in the winter.  Lavender takes up three quarters of the room and the others have to shuffle and squeeze in around her.  I can imagine them saying 'excuse me, left a bit, right a bit, oooh I will just squeeze in here!  No no don't mind me...'  Suffice to say she has settled in rather well.  It is lovely to see  them all when I get home from work.  I am not worrying quite so much about losing anyone when I am out for the far so good they are all staying in the garden.  No eggs from Lavender yet and most days I get two eggs but some days I get three.
You can't beat some crusty home made bread with Egg Mayonnaise from you bestest chicken buddies.
                 I have been back at work this week after the long holiday.  I have been exhausted for some reason since Saturday!  I will be glad to shake this 'shattered' feeling.  Euan started back to school yesterday and has a sore throat and a cough already!  Henry started his 'A' levels today.  He looked very smart indeed and had a long day, finishing an hour later that last year!  He took his first 'Philosophy' class today where they discussed;
What is life?
What is knowledge?
When did space begin?
What is a void?
My Dad made me laugh when he suggested 'You tell em, I am trying to avoid these questions!'
The teacher said a 'Philosopher' is somebody who is annoying like Henry and has to keep questioning everything'.  Henry said he asked the teacher 'Miss, was that a compliment?' She assured him it was!  Hilarious, to philosophise about, 'Can a compliment be an insult?'  'Can an insult be a compliment?'  I think I am going to enjoy this Philosophy lark!
            I have got my weigh in tomorrow!  Eeeek!  This weight loss malarkey aint easy either.  It is coming off slowly but surely but some weeks I just yoyo up and down for a couple of pounds.  So far I have lost 29lbs in total.  Euan did a bit of Philosophising and said 'Mom this Weight Watchers is weird, because every week you keep on losing weight but you aint getting any smaller!'  Kids!  Don't ya just have to love em!  I am not sure if that was a compliment or an insult!  I will lie awake and ponder it!


  1. 29lbs is a very credible weight loss...its all good! Love hen tales too. x

  2. Does a compliment have to be negative or positive? Can it be neutral (I used to teach this stuff years ago lol!!)

    Im on WW as well, on the whole a great success but had gained on my return to the meeting this week - I hadnt been for 6 weeks due to illness, work and holidays.

    Oh well, there is always next week - after all, "today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!!"


  3. from the mouth of babes Lucy!!! ...bless him!
    Philosophy....that can be a mind twister for you...but a very very interesting subject,,,questioning self and your world....dunno if I would want to.
    So very glad that the shock emm I mean water treatment has been successful and I'm happy that Lavender is settling in so I can settle down to sleep now and not rife around in my mind why she couldn't to begin with. Believe it or not I did do this for a couple of nights. Don't ask me why! hell if I know but ones mind takes over sometimes!!
    Fresh eggs so yummy!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Those boys are characters! My darn chickens haven't laid an egg yet.. I keep shaking my fist at them and saying.. you better lay an egg or you're going in the stew pot! It has not worked. racken fracken. I'm glad your girls have acclimated to each other. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Great that the hens are settling down. And Philosophy sounds great! I think Luke would be good at that ;)

  6. Glad the girls are friends again! Agree totally, nothing beats egg mayo laid by your own hens xxx

  7. Well I love to hear about your " In the Sky Antics!"
    My sister in law used to go to Weight Watchers and her son said " Mum why don't you give me the fiver and I will just tell you that you are fat until you get skinny!"

    Love to all starting the new school term especially you!

  8. You've done a wonderful job on those hens Lucy it must be so lovely to see them all clucking around happily together. As for the being back at work, oh boy that's a shock to the system isn't it! Our headteacher just seems to want to moan at us all the time........hmm you know what I mean I'm sure.
    Now that egg mayo looks delicious think I might make some for my lunch, yummy!
    Anyway Friday now and the prospect of a glorious weekend goodie!

  9. Well done on peace being restored in the chicken coop :-)

    WOW! 29 pounds is brilliant, I'm on 11 pounds down now and know what you mean about the yo-yoing of the odd pound or two it's hard to not become disheartened and give up! Nice of Henry to point out you don't look any smaller, lol! It's because he sees you every day so doesn't notice the difference, bet you do look skinnier after losing that much :-)

    Lori xx

  10. Aw...I'm glad to hear that all is settling down on the hen front, you've had me chuckling with your exploits :) And, for goodness sake don
    t beat yourself up about the weight loss going up and down! 29lbs is one heck of an achievement and as Lori (above) said, Euan sees you every day...I bet people at work have noticed how much weight you have lost, and I bet your clothes are just a little bit baggy now! Keep up the good work :)


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