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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

'Sunshine Spinning' Day 4 Tour De Fleece

Naughty Blogger!  I tried to post my Sunshine spinning yesterday but Blogger did not let me!  I have forgot what real sunshine looks like!  :) x


  1. sunshine! just what we need :)

  2. oh wow this is so lovely and bright.......Is that done with a real spinning wheel Lucy?

    Amanda :-)

    1. Yes it is spun on my trusty little Ashford Kiwi Amanda. I really love this little wheel! :)

  3. I remember that's the same as the bright burning light that occasionally appears in the sky! You are certainly spinning some lovely colours :)

  4. Ah you must have found it Lucy, no wonder there's none in the sky. Can we have it back now............pleeeze!

  5. OH! That yellow is awesome! Rubber Duck and sunshine all in one! :)


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