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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Random Raspberries and Other Stories . . .

What a lovely 1st of July.  Not only did we have the excitement of the Olympic Torch.  I have had the excitement of picking the first of this years raspberries from the garden.  Yum.  Three Little Red Hens cluck enthusiastically for their share.  They love raspberries and for the next few weeks they will provide a daily treat.  I try to put the raspberries to good use, making jam and Homemade Raspberry Liqueurs.  Tonight I made a scrummy and speedy pud using ready made Meringue Nests, Homemade soft cheese and homegrown raspberries.  Very pleased with myself I was too.
I just filled the Meringue Nests with the Soft Cheese and popped the raspberries on top.  Delicious.  The raspberries grow in the 'Chickens half of the garden'.  I had until today assumed the majority of the fruit was safe as although a hungry chicken can do a fairly high standing jump most of the berries are to high to reach.  Now this evening I have discovered there has been some cunning going on.  I found three chickens pecking all the berries off this fallen raspberry cane.
I did not see the deed but I suspect the three worked together and jumped on the cane until it fell!  I hope they are not going to make a habit of it.
Innocent until proven guilty. . . unless you are a chicken.  You can see they have been playing 'Foghorn Leghorn' with corn on the cobs. . . they love that too.  Good job I love them.  The cheeky girls!
Finally. . . Oh yes. . .
Pinch Punch First of The Month!   xxx


  1. Yay! Enough to crochet. Beautiful color too.

  2. Your raspberry dessert looks divine! I so look forward to see what you make with your beautiful blue yarn. So special to spin your own, isn't it? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Lucy, is soft cream the same as whipped cream? Whatever it is, it looks yummy :)
    I have collected little globes and pictures of earth from space because I think our blue marble is so beautiful in spite of weather and folks that run amuck. Your yarn is very lovely!!!
    Gracie <3

  4. Looks delicious! Nothing like fresh raspberries from the garden ... my canes have not done anything this year, and can't even blame my chickens! Yours look guilty by the way ... they're doing the 'If I don't look at her, she won't think it's me' look xxx

  5. I am jealous, I've only had a few raspberries from my canes at the allotment and they are my absolute favourite! Those girls are well cunning aren't they, if it is them, da da dahhhh!

  6. Wonderful raspberries. Cheeky chickenscarol xx

  7. clever chickens :) i do love those girls ❤
    i don't understand why my raspberries are still so little and green, it will be ages before they are ripe. yours look amazing! i am sure the chickens must earn their keep in fertilizer.

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