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Saturday, 7 July 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that. . .

The swans on the local pond have had two cygnets.  They are very cute and fuzzy.  When I drop Euan off at school they are usually close to the car park about 200 metres from the pond.  The Daddy swan has a bit of a thing about the cars and waddles right up to them and he continually pecks at the wing mirrors!  I took this photograph in the pouring rain and it was as close as I was prepared to get to adult swans that are feeling mighty protective of their young.
I was not prepared to get beaten up by an angry swan, not even for a Blog scoop!  The Mom is already eyeing me up look!
The Dad knew I was there too and he looked ready to rumble if you ask me.  I have, as all good mothers should, passed on a healthy fear of swans to Euan, he was stood well back and ready to run as I gathered photographs to support my bloggy journalism!
             In the afternoon we went to his school Summer Fete, which was a terrible washout and organised chaos.  Euan won a bottle of Bubble bath, bought a book and two dubious looking cup cakes, (buttercream and humidity have never gone well together) then he wanted to leave.  It was very busy and crowded so I was more than happy to oblige.
             We did not go swimming this week as we have quite frankly seen enough water.  The roads have been pretty bad and some of them closed due to flooding.  When we do see sunshine or have a dry couple of hours the kids all rush out to play.  Some Summer so far, but I am not giving up hope.
              It is Day Eight of 'The Tour De Fleece' and I have plied my bright yellow yarn.  I am waiting for a warm day so I can wash the skeins and hang them to dry to set the twist.

                 I have struggled a bit on the Weight Watcher front this week.  Yesterday I could have gnawed my own legs off!  I ate too much during the day and had to make sure I ate a really healthy evening meal.
I have been Grilling Kebabs on wooden skewers, I have tried Vegetable Kebabs, Chicken and Vegetable Kebabs, Prawn and Vegetable Kebabs and these were 'Swordfish, King Prawn and Vegetable Kebabs, with a Hot and Spicy Guava Dipping Sauce.  These were a healthy hit with the boys!
              I have a had a funny couple of days of nothingness really, you know when you get those sort of days?  I just give in to them really, another day in Paradise and all that!  I picked some raspberries today in between the rain and I had a chicken friend jump on my back and have a piggy back for the duration.  I knew it was 'Rosie' even though I couldn't see her, she is the only chicken peculiar enough to do that!  She climbed right up my back and chatted to me while she pecked at my hair!  Them chickens do make me chuckle.  I have given their coop a thorough clean so they are all nice and tidy for bed tonight, all three came to help and cluck their orders and approval.  They help to the point of me tripping over them!  They are like toddlers or puppies.
               I can't believe somebody has only three more sleeps until they are eight years old, he is very excited.  Then Henry is sixteen five days later.  Two Birthday Boys in one week.  
              I hope you have managed to keep up with my very random blog post today. . . you will need to go and have a lie down after reading this!  
Love Lucy X


  1. Lucy -- I can always see me in your posts but with about a 15 year age gap--- me being the elder.We were visiting a local nature reserve in the depths of an ice age type winter when our dog decided to pretend to be Bambi and run onto the ice to chase a swan-- He was sent packing with a swift wing swipe!! Then when we had chickens it was not a friendly hen who wanted to ride on my back and whisper sweet nothings in my ear it was our cockerel who would bare his hook claw and fly at me with complete animosity as soon as I turned my back!! I hated that cockerel so much ! Love the look of the skewers x

  2. Hi Lucy!!

    I've been out of blogland for a long time... I'm hoping I'm back again!! I loved your rambling post, they are so necessary some times!! just to get all that is floting in your head out!
    I had ducks when I was little and I know their bites (as I imagine swan bites too) can be very painful!! good thing that you got the pictures without them getting to you!!
    Your yarn looks delicious and your skewers even more!

  3. Love a bit of randomness myself! Your chicken sounds a real character ... mine come running and can't wait to tell their latest tall story if anyone ventures outside, but they've yet to grab a piggyback! Am also at WW and sympathise as meals an get a bit samey, but am definitely going to try some skewers, they look gorgeous! I've been using Light Philadelphia a lot lately, garlic mushrooms on toast a favourite at the moment!

    Have a lovely Sunday,

    Claire xxx

  4. Hello Lucy,
    Nope don't need to lie down after reading your post 'cos going to read it again.
    You're very wise to be careful where swans are concerned and most particularly when they have young. My sister's dog got beat up when she got too noisy (she was such a noisy barky dog) and went after swan's along the river front down in Devon...actually she was lucky as the swan just gave her a warning nip but her wings were in full and spread .....she could have knocked Molly for six easily. Anyhow after the nip Molly ran like a bat out of hell. My Dad always told us girls (we were seven sisters LOL) to leave swans,dogs with their tails between their legs facing you and a single cow in a field on its own well alone. Funny how some things taught when you are kids stick in your mind! LOL!
    Your Rosie sounds curious she does that. When I used to stay on my Aunty May's farm in Somerset I had to collect the eggs every morning I used to be scared of the hens they'd go for me and the Bantam Hens were the worse they'd peck my ankles...what a wimp I was fancy being scared of bantam hens. LOL!

    The kebabs look quite delicious! Have a peek at the cold soup recipe on my last post its fine for weight watchers and if you like that sort of thing (I mean the garlic ) then its so very easy to make and refreshing too.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. Fun post! Those kebabs look awesome! And I love all the yarn you are working up with the Tour de Fleece! Amazing! Thanks for sharing the pictures! xoxo Jen

  6. Enjoyed your post. Love swans, I fed them in the park. They come up and stand right beside me to take the bread out of my hand. (keeping fingers tucked in) but have a healty respect for them when they have young.

    Like the look of your dinner. now I'm hungry.

    Have a good weekend.

  7. I'm sorry it has been a bit soggy over there. It looks like you've been busy spinning in the meantime! Your yarns look very pretty! I love the bright colors :) Your kebabs look really yummy too! I've never had swordfish before. I hope your next week goes well and happy birthday to both of your boys!

  8. This reminds me of being bitten by a swan when I was a toddler. My parents have a picture around somewhere - but you are right not to anger the adults!

  9. I love your swans, your YELLOW yarn and that yummy looking shish-kebab! We are having thrillingly gorgeous weather here. The BBQ yesterday was fun. What kind of celebrations do you have planned for our boys there? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Lucy there is nothing more disheartening than a washed out school fair......grim, don't blame you for ducking out. Swans are well lairy aren't they, blimey you just want to have a peek at their newborns and before you know it you're running for your life being chased by a flapping hissing lunatic, just looking is all and with food to share! Anyway those swanlings are very cute thanks for risking life and limb for our entertainment!

  11. Lucy those kebabs look amazing! I am going to have to do it. I am also trying to get back on the wagon myself!


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