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Sunday, 11 November 2012

'Rainbows Preemie Project' November 2012 Update

I can't quite believe how quickly these monthly updates come around.  I must be getting 'old' as time really does fly and I can't quite get my 'hat off' about it!
             It has been another fantastic month for this 'Rainbows - Preemie Project'.   The kindness and generosity of Blog Land Folk has really exceeded my expectations again.  Let me tell ya I have a lovely little stash of clothes to deliver to the 'Maternity Ward'.  I am going to keep going and donate in July 2013.  Euan would actually like to go on his birthday to donate the items.  As a child I always hated hospitals ( I am not too happy about them as an adult truth be know) but to Euan hospitals are familiar 'happy' places and he actually enjoys going to hospital.  As you know he was eight weeks premature.  He was a strong prem baby and did not need more than a couple of days of 'Special Care'.  He was diagnosed with 'Left Foot' talipes (club foot) during a 20 week pregnancy scan.  He was 'on the books' for Birmingham Children's Hospital and had a Consultant before he was born.  He was in full hip to toe plaster cast at six days old despite only weighing 5lbs.  He had his first operation at about ten weeks old and then had further plaster cast treatment most weeks.  Weekly hospital visits were just part of his life.  Plaster cast treatments are effective in babies with clubfoot for all but 4% of them.  Euan was one of the 4% it was not successful for.  His bones, muscles and tendons needed correcting with surgery.  He had his last operation the day before his sixth birthday and spent his birthday in hospital.  He has never complained or been fearful.  He actually remembers he had a great sixth birthday, the nurses gave him presents and made a fuss of him.  He like hospitals and he like hospital coffee shops especially the cakes.  If he wants to go to hospital on his birthday. . . I will see what I can do.
                I have been working on a couple of little cardigans made with some of the yarn donated by Helen and the Loveknitting Team:

That was a lovely and generous gesture of them to donate yarn for 'Rainbows'.  I was really delighted and surprised to find the offer of yarn left as a 'Blog Comment' after my last 'Rainbows Update'.  I have shopped with and the service and delivery was super speedy and efficient.  If you are sorting any 'Seasonal' knitting or crochet projects out, or are looking for gift ideas. . . they are a great place to start for your crafty needs.  The cardigans I have made need finishing touches and should be ready for me to show you for next months update.  Not to worry as I have lots to show you now anyway.
            I had a lovely box of goodies arrive from Steph and her Mom from 'Show and Tell Blog'.  Steph and her Mom have been really busy and the box was a treat to open.
It was all carefully wrapped in tissue paper.  I do not know where Steph gets her creative energy from she is a prolific crafter and artist.  You can check out Steph's work Here.
Steph's Mom made some beautiful, tiny hats, cardigans and booties.  
It is a shock to have a Premature baby.  No body prepares by buying clothes for teeny babies.  It is so lovely to be able to dress them in beautiful, well made clothes that make them look adorable.

I was so relieved to have clothes that fitted Euan.  It really pestered me what he would wear and that nothing would fit.  It seems like a silly thing to be worried about but we all want out newborns to look sweet and feel comfortable.
Steph's Mom (I do not know her name) found these pretty little patterns Here and Here, they are free patterns.  The hand knits I had for Euan were very plain.  All of these cardigans are very sweet and special and I am sure will be treasured by someone.
Also in the box were blankets.
Isn't this beautiful?  Even my July baby, born in a heatwave needed layers of woollies for indoors.  Premature  babies cannot retain or regulate their temperature so need wrapping up in woolly hats, cardigans, booties and blankets even for indoors in the Summer.  They are dressed like they are ready for the snow.  A big Thankyou and (((Hugs))) to Steph's Mom. 
  Steph made this collection of little hats.  They are so cute.  They really made me smile.  For the first few hours if you have no clothes to fit the baby they get wrapped in blankets and wear woolly hats.  These will be very useful.  I love the fuzzy ones.  I would have chosen those for my baby.  He would have looked like a tiny Bluebird chick!  
          If you have any time and would like to donate to 'Rainbows' I would love to hear from you my E-mail address is here On the 'Rainbows' Page.  I am also collecting links to 'Premature Baby' crochet and knitting patterns on this page.   'Mom to Bobby' from Upon Butterfly Wings also left me a comment on the 'Rainbows' page.  She has reminded me to also request knitted or crochet donations for 'Angel Babies' as a sad truth is not all of these precious babies survive.  Burial garments and blankets are always gratefully received.  I intend to make some items for 'Angel Babies' myself.  
Thank you for reading and thank you for your support.


  1. wow very sweet knitting finishes..
    love and hugs x

  2. Wow, Lucy.. you are getting some wonderful donations! Those sweaters, hats and booties are magnificent!! Bravo to you for organizing this and to your donors who are going above and beyond with those amazing knitted treasures! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Great Rainbow picture Euan, well done!

    Bless you for doing this Lucy.


  4. Well done you for getting this idea off the ground :) You are getting some wonderful donations that will make a real difference to people. Bravo!

  5. ^_^ Mum will be very chuffed to see her makes here ^_^ She's called Sylvia btw ^_^ I hope they go and make some teeny babies warm. Mum had the opposite problem with one her her babies which weighed in at nearly 14lb(13lb 9 & 3/4 oz to be exact!)!! I kid you not! She had nothing to fit her and had to go and buy big baby clothes! Can't wait to see the bundle of clothes you end up with by July.

  6. hiya, poor euan he went thro some tough times after he was born,and isn't he so brave and all grown up now, wanting to spend his birthday there, i'm like you, not at all keen on hospitals, well done to sylvia for knitting those gorgeous clothes, i do hope to contribute

  7. Some beautiful items. I am sure they will be very welcome.
    Carol xx


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