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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lucky Ducky (Part 2)

Euan has a couple of extra days off school this week.  Today as his school is used as a polling station and tomorrow is a teacher training day.  Since his brother started work at the largest 'soft play' centre around these parts Euan has been desperate to go.  He sat outside the play centre waiting to collect Henry in the car and 'longing' is not the word.  Euan really really wants to hit this 'Play Centre' with gusto!  Today is the day.  I am going to collect his little friend shortly and take them both.  Henry has worked one shift on Saturday and has another shift this week.  He totally exceeded my expectations and more importantly his own expectations.  He loved his first shift.  Dancing, partying, speaking over the loud speaker and making special appearances at birthday parties as 'Blossom' the dog in a giant pink dog costume.  The manager spoke to him at the end of his shift and said he had heard really good things from his staff about Henry's 'work'.  I am really proud of him and happy that so far is is enjoying work.  He does not so much enjoy cleaning the squished and half eaten party food.  It sounds like a fun first job and of course he is Euan's hero.
            Part 2 of Lucky Ducky post is another show off!  Showing off my 'prize' from another lovely Blog Give Away.  This time it was Amanda at Eight by Six.  Amanda's blog is lovely and we share many of the same interests.  I was over the moon to win this Give Away.
I opened the box to be greeted by 'red'.
Some lovely red felt, perfect for seasonal projects.
These parcels were great and sealed with an Eight by Six sticker.  They are cool aren't they?
I wish you could smell the lavender from this pin cushion.  The fabric is too cute.
This little felt heart will find pride of place on my Christmas Tree.  You never know I may find time to make more!
I love this fabric.  I wil think carefully what to make with it.  I am building a little collection of fabrics now that I am very fond of.  I have also signed up for a sewing course that starts in January.  Fingers crossed I will be 'sewing' things soon and becoming firm friends with my sewing machine.
Made in England needles!  My town grew up from the 'Needle Making Industry' and it was a heard life for many.  I keep meaning to take you all on a trip to our 'Needle' museum one day.  It is on my list of things to do.
Finally when I opened the 'Love Heart Tin' it is packed with pretties.  I love my sewing box.  I used to love my Grandmother's sewing box when I was a child.  I am over the fact that the Universe blessed me with two boys rather than girls but I do have a secret desire for a granddaughter one day and I hope to share my sewing box delights!  I might have to share my 'sewing box delights' with you all one day too.
             A big 'Thank You' to Amanda.  This parcel really makes me smile.
               I am long overdue a 'Give Away' of my own and I hope to get one up and running in the next couple of days . . .Watch this space. . .


  1. it is such a sweet parcel..
    have a lovely day x

  2. What a fabulous parcel and Henry's job sounds like a fantastic first job, well done Henry!

  3. What a great prize!
    Amanda's blog is new to me so I'm off to have a look!

  4. I'm a new reader so hello~ :D This is a lovely package of goodies; the little heart is so great! I love the pin cushion fabric, too!

  5. Hope Evan had a lovely day.

    What a fabulous parcel, such beautiful goodies.

    Carol xx


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