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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I Am A Lucky Duck!

I spent my winnings from the 'Crochet Solar System' on a bunch of Roses for my Mom.  She did stuff the Moon for me and I think that was the deal winner.   Mom's can never have too many flowers.   I have been on a bit of a winning streak of late.  I am making the most of it!  I do not enter that many Blog 'Give Aways' but I do seem to get lucky.  I am quite embarrassed of winning for some reason.  When I read my name as the 'winner' I may as well have won the lottery for how silly I get!  Winning is great.  Life is a game, live to win!  When I share pictures of my 'goodies' I know you will appreciate them.  I won two 'Give Aways' in one week!  How good is that?   I would like to share the first 'win' in this post.  
           The first was from Mel over at Mellie Moo Crochet.  I love it over at Mellie Moos.  I found Mel's Blog as she is busy working on 'The International Diploma of Crochet'.  I find this diploma course fascinating and Mel shares her work in progress, her samples and her feedback as she makes progress along her journey to getting her 'Crochet Diploma'.  I would love a 'Diploma in Crochet' but as you know I do tend to hopelessly over commit myself to things.  Mel gets up to all sorts of interesting stuff as well as her crochet she is a 'Morris Dancer' and I always enjoy her photography.  We also live in the same county!  I would recommend you follow Mel's Blog it is a treat.  She has an adorable Crochet Blue Rabbit as her Blog Header and Mel leaves little crochet surprises in random places for the 'world' to find and her crochet creations to go and have adventures.  In my prize package there were two chocolate 'Halloween' lollies.

Both of my boys were very grateful!  These skellybobs did not last long.  Also in the package was a beautiful crochet doily.  You really can never have too many of these and this one is a beauty:
I have never made a doily but one day I am sure I will.
I also love this pretty wooden buttons.  The right project will come along for these and then I will be very happy to use them.
              Now I have a terrible terrible confession.  The day the parcel arrived I was in a rush as I got home from work and needed to get out for Bonfire Night with Euan.  I messaged Mel on Facebook to thank her and tell her how much I loved the 'prize' a vintage trio of a cup, saucer and side plate.  I love vintage tea cups so much.  I told Mel how I was looking forward to a Cuppa with my lovely 'new' cup and saucer.  They were all safely bubble wrapped in the box.  I left the box on my bed and rushed out.  On my return I found a disaster which made me sad!
Gah!  It pains me to look at it!  Still wrapped in the bubble wrap the cup was in pieces.  The only culprit I can think of is the dog!  She like is on my bed and she has avoided it for over a week now.  I think she jumped without looking and landed on box, breaking the teacup!  I love this pattern too!  On the bright side, oh yes I try to find the bright side, I do love 'mismatched' tea sets.  Poor poor cup though I never did get to slurp my tea out of it!  I already messaged Mel again to fess up as I felt bad!
          You have not seen the bestest part of the package yet!  I always try to save the bestest until last.  Just have a look who has come to live at my house:

 My very own 'Crochet Blue Rabbit' and I love him a bit too much!  He may be the 'cup breaker' as he has a naughty streak, he never seems to be where I left him!  Strange Rabbit!  He definitely likes to travel.  I am hoping he will join me on my adventures.  He is small enough to fit in my pocket but I really would hate to lose him if he hops off.  Rabbits of the mischievous kind are quite a responsibility.  I would like to say a very big Thank You to Mel for my lovely goodies.  I do actually feel 'Lucky' and it is a good feeling.



  1. Beautiful Rose, love the skelepops for myself lol. Sorry about the teacup, can it be glued?
    Cute tiny bunny ☺☺ and congratulations on your win too.

  2. Love the rose! And congrats on being such a big winner! Sorry about the teacup.. reminds me of when I bought 4 jadeite plates and the box came and it was full of broken glass.. not one plate made it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I love the roses!!

    I'm so doo
    Rry about thecup it was so beautiful, you'll have to make a mosaic with it.

    Love the skullypops

  4. The roses are beautiful! Sorry to hear about the teacup, but your other goodies are lovely!

  5. Thank you for the lovely words about my blog I love following yours too, its so good having a fellow blogger close by ... I am hoping to put right your broken cup ... but will let you know for definite soon!!


  6. Pretty flowers for your Mum ^_^ Lovely giveaway goodies. Such a shame about the cup, but the saucer still looks good. Maybe you could stick the cup together and put a plant in it.Blue rabbit is VERY sweet!

  7. well done lucky duck , great goodies , it is a lovely feeling when you see your name as the winner,great flowers for one lucky mum, must go and visit mels blog its a new one for me, i would love to do a crochet diploma, great shame about the teacup but these thing happen

  8. Gorgeous roses, bet your Mum loved them.

    Lovely parcel, how sad your cup got broken, these things happen.
    Carol xx


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