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Monday, 5 November 2012

November 5th - Remember Remember

Remember remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder Treason and plot
I see no reason why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot!

First things first today is 'The Second 'Annual Hug A Chicken Day'.  I went back to work after a weeks holibobs.  When I got home it was almost dark.  So I quickly got the Broody Moody Lavender off her nest and gave her a little hug as I plopped her at the bottom of the garden to stretch her legs before bedtime.  She has been broody for over a week now.  Poor thing.  She is just not herself and does not want to leave the nest at all unless I take her off.  Yesterday she forgot her broodiness for about five minutes and followed me around the garden.  I thought she may be snapping out of it but 'nope' she soon ran back to her 'imaginary duties'.  The girls are still all bedding down peacefully but currently no one is laying in the nest!  Nuisance!
Here is Lavender having her 'Hug a Chicken Day' hug.  Bless her.  Of course I don't wait for 'Hug a Chicken Day' I like to hug each chicken as often as I can.  I am sorry it was too dark to hug all four today.  I had to bed them down early because in the UK it is Bonfire Night.  There have been lots of fireworks all weekend as soon as it gets dark.  It must be very frightening for chickens.  My old dog used to hate the fireworks but Lacey is not too bothered.  She might come and lie by my feet if they are too noisy.  Tonight I decided to take Euan to our local fire station for its Annual Firework Display and Bonfire.  I remember my parents taking me as a child.  It has been running for 35+ years.  Today they think could have been the last one as the land has been sold.  Henry stayed home dog sitting.
We froze until the fire got going.  It was a huge fire.  We ate too dogs and burgers.  The fireworks were spectacular and set to music.  Unfortunately we were about two meters from a large speaker!  I am a bit deaf now.  I tried my hand at photographing fireworks but gave up pretty quick!
I just could not get a good shot.
They were absolutely stunning.  It felt like I was in an enormous kaleidoscope.  At one point it felt like I was floating through the galaxy.  I am sure something landed on my head!  I expected my hair to set alight.
I have now retired from photographing fireworks.  I have a stiff neck.  I was a bit disappointed with the blaring music as the sound of fireworks is at least half of the fun isn't it?  We did wrap up warm and wear our wellies but we were still freezing cold.  Poor Euan.  I cheered him up by stopping at our local fish and chip shop on the way home for hot chips (French Fries but much thicker).
 At work today we made 'Pinwheel Cookies' for Bonfire Night.  Euan and his friends enjoyed these.  It is a simple biscuit dough one half chocolate and one half vanilla rolled out and place on top of each other, then rolled up and cut.  Yum.

When I lived in Devon I used to go to Ottery St Mary for November 5th.  They have a spectacular custom of 'Barrel Burning' once a year.  The custom is hundreds of years old.  Huge wooden barrels are stuffed with tar and straw and then lit.  Only people born in the village can carry the barrels.  Seventeen Barrels are carried throughout the day.   Hundreds of people line the streets of this little village to watch the spectacle.  It is wild and primitive.  Children's races start in the afternoon.  Children carry smaller barrels that are not lit.  Then when it is dark the women carry burning barrels and pass them to each other.  Then it is the men's turn.  The crowd gets charged and things can get pretty hairy.  The burning barrels are carried and passed until they fall apart.   I saw a pub sign get set alight and a van's windscreen get broken one year.  I also found myself in the path of a man carrying a burning barrel and had him running behind me shouting "Get out of the way you B*gger!"  That was pretty exciting!    You can find out more about the burning tar barrels Here.  If you live near and are feeling brave it is a 'must see'.


  1. Aww sweet..hug a chicken day..I will look for a chicken and hug her too..if she let me :)
    Lovely firework ..
    Have a lovely time xxx

  2. Have you tried dunking her butt in a bucket of cold water? The chicken, I mean.. lol! That burning barrel thing sounds downright scary! Have fun, Teresa :-)

  3. All sorts of interesting activity, Lucy! I especially like the golden fireworks. I hope Lavender feels better soon. I did some sewing on the maid-of-honor dress today and tomorrow my youngest son arrives from NJ. I'm excited! xx from Gracie

  4. Lovely pictures Lucy! The pinwheels look yummy. I'm hoping to hug a chicken today ... namely my Audrey who did a runner yesterday teatime, when I was doling out the pre-bedtime porridge. It was nearly dark and she got out, ran across the road and into some undergrowth. We searched for ages but to no avail and had to give up, because it was dark. I'm just hoping she found somewhere safe to roost and will come trotting back this morning. None of them have ever ventured further than our garden before, especially when porridge is on the menu! She is the ditziest of the lot though, hope she's safe and I can give her a hug later!

    Have a huggy day!

    Claire xxx

  5. I'd forgotten about the tar barrels! I went to see that too when at Uni in Exeter. Very exciting!! Ddin't realise they'd sold the firestation, where will it be?

    I find the whole 5th November stuff a bit weird. Why celebrate something that never happened? Or the fact that something was stopped? As DS1 pointed out last night, we don't tend to celebrate the end of say the holocaust, not like we do bonfire night. Just seems strange, that's all. ;)

  6. Aw, Hug a Chicken Day :) I like that! I'm sorry about poor Lavender. Hopefully she'll get over it soon. It sounds like you and Euan had a good time at the outing. Your firework pictures look very neat! It may not look like you hoped but it still looks very interesting all wiggly like that. It's also good to hear that some traditions haven't been lost after so many years. The fact that your sons are able to experience the same events that you did as a child is special, regardless of the haphazard nature ;)

  7. Oh blimey that barrel carrying malarkey looks frankly crazy!

  8. I always live firework pics they are so abstract and cool! The cookies look awesome!

  9. Hiya, thanks for comment on my blog I will definitely have to practice collages tho, love your fireworks they are the closest I,ve come to fireworks this year, thanks for sharing your memories of barrell burning , great story

  10. hello just to say you won my blog giveawy today! Please email me with your postal address, thanks. Amanda x

  11. I really like your abstract fireworks photo's - they look amazing! As for the nutters as Ottery St Mary...well, we're all a bit mad in Devon! It is an amazing spectacle though!

  12. !! I'm not online for a week and what happens!?! I miss hug a chicken day!I wonder if there's a hug a Tudor pig day?


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