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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Give Away Winners - Announced

These are my Birthday Blooms, the dog sat on the daffodils in the garden so she selected those for me. 

The Gerberas have little crystals pinned through their centres...I have never seen that before...
Now on with the business...

I randomly selected four winners for 'Teatime Treats' and they are:
 Apricot corner ( I only entered her once although it looks like she is following me twice)
and Kirsty xxx

If the winners could PM me their address via Ravelry I can get the prizes posted out.


  1. Oh WOW !!! thank you so much Lucy, this is so lovely its like I am sharing in your special day with you :)

    Happy Birthday my friend hope its been extra special for you today

    ((((( hugs )))))

    Helen xx

  2. Happy 40th Birthday Luce :-) xxx

  3. Wow so exciting!!! Very happy birthday and welcome to the world of 40's

  4. Congratulation to the winners!!!


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