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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Floral Dance - Yummy Yarn

This is Patricia's photograph as she has the knack for photographing yarn and capturing the true colours.

 I bought some gorgeous yarn from  YummyYarn UK
Kettle Dyed Shetland Wool 2ply 100g -
458 yards/419 metres per 100g approx
It is called Floral Dance.

I have never knitted with such fine yarn before but I couldn't resist the beautiful floral colours of this.  I searched long and hard for a suitable pattern to try and decided on...
The pattern is rated as 'easy' and the reviews I have read said, it was a pleasure to knit and very quick.  They also state the pattern is 'Spot on'.  So far I have frogged it seven times and this afternoon I gave it to my Mom to see if she could work out what on earth I am doing wrong.  My Mom struggled a bit but my sons were being boys and the dog was being playful so it was hard to concentrate.  Well, my Mom now thinks I should be on track with it, I am worried to try again as I have given it only one more chance!  I have work to do before I can get back to knitting today.  I seem to be a little jinxed lately.  Does anyone have any advice for when one feels they are about to throw a knitting tantrum or get aggressive with knitting needles?  It would make me feel better if you could share your disasters and frogging records!

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  1. Empathy by the bucket load from me as you know from my last blog post!!! I wanted a T-shirt that said I knit so I don't kill people, now I wonder if it should say I want to kill people because I knit!!!! Do what I do, put it in the naughty bag for a day or two to teach it a lesson then look at it with fresh eyes.
    Totaly in love with the Floral Dance yarn. Would you PM me on Rav the shop you got it from.
    Love Tickety-boo


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