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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Aaaaahhhhh! Spring Chicks...

I woke up this morning with my mind on chicks, rather than the Lesson observation I was having today by a representative of The Local Authority!  I hurried myself to work early, like a broody mother Hen.  I wondered how the little fella from yesterday would have managed the night.  I met my colleagues who were also early and excited to see what had happened overnight.  They was much ooohing and aaahhhing and we managed to get a final beak count of nine fluffy chicks.  They were all cheaping loudly in the incubator and rocking and rolling the three remaining unhatched eggs.  They needed to be transferred to a heated 'Brooder' box.  We plugged in the brooder to warm it up and immediately the bulb that heats it blew!  We had a panic, two shops later and three bulbs later we were sorted.  Then a chick got its head stuck between the element cover of the incubator and the incubator wall, it looked very poorly.  I ran around like a headless chicken while my workmates tried to release the loudly protesting chick.  Thankfully they managed.  At one point we were actually checking each others pulse rates as the stress was considerable, before any pupils arrived.  When the kids arrived we had transferred the stronger looking chicks to the brooder.
The children were very excited to see their chicks.  They spent an hour observing and seemed fascinated, but they have not seen one hatch yet.  About an hour after hometime chick number ten made its appearance.  There are two eggs left and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will hatch.  The children have named the chicks, Max, Ken (Tucky), Chicken Little, Kung Fu Panda, Bob Marley and Charlie,  I can't remember the other names!  Aren't they cute?  Incidently my lesson observation went pretty well I got 'good' in several areas and 'outstanding' in three areas.  The three areas of 'outstanding' were my relationship with the pupils, classroom organisation and planning and the management of pupils behaviour.  I am eggsausted after a cracking day at work, shell I go on...sorry they are terrible yolks!


  1. I'm loving the puns-you're obviously an eggspert at word games! Aren't those chicks just the cutest things! The little cheeps make me melt whenever I hear them!

    We've had a special delivery in our household too...well four actually ;o) x

  2. that's just so awwwwwwwwwww.....
    The kids at your school must be so happy

  3. Good to hear you so chirpy bud, these inspectors can ruffle our feathers but it sounds like you laid them out with your professionalism. Good an ya cock.

  4. lol! also awww totally cute!

  5. Oh! I did exactly that when spending special time with the " littlies" I used to teach and loved spending time with
    Kindest Regards Linda

  6. Unbelievably gorgeous chicks awwwwwwww

    Glad the lesson observation went well too.


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