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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Just had to share today's Teatime Treat - Turnovers

These were really easy.
I used ready made 'Flakey Pastry'.  I did make it a couple of times at school but it is really quite labour intensive.  I rolled out a large thin rectangle and cut it into 12 squares.  I filled them with a teaspoon of homemade preserves.  6 with a 'Spiced Apple Butter' filling and 6 with 'Blackcurrant and Raspberry Jelly'.  I brushed the edges with a mixture of beaten egg and milk to glue them in to triangles.  Then brushed the top with egg and milk and sprinkled them with granulated sugar.  They baked in a hot oven with the Sunday roast chicken.  They took around 15-20 minutes.  WARNING!  The filling is ridiculously hot if you sneak one, as my partner found out today!  Of course delicious with a cup of tea. :)


  1. couldn't sleep, so i've come here to count sheep. there seem to be rather a lot (and very cute ones at that, so i am sure the plan will work.
    if my daughter saw this post she would be forcing me to make turnovers for breakfast, she absolutely loves them.
    i can never be bothered with faffing about with flakey pastry either.

    ...too late....she just saw them and said "holy moley shamoley... are you going to make those?"(! told you). she also said they look a lot bettter than mine, so i think you'd better come here and make them.

    btw we both think you have the best side-bar in blogland.

  2. I am sure your daughter is a fabulous trainee chef. She could make those for Mumsey (and herself). I have had fun with my sidebar, I am glad it's appreciated. I love the knitting Grandad.

  3. WOW! that looks delicious, I'll keep it in mind for a future and quick treat!
    **Thank you for your comments on my cakes and Crochet club, I need to hurry on that!

  4. These look lovely and I'm sure will make good use of our home-made blackberry jam. By the way, I think your blog is great. I love the pictures, especially the 'Old Country Roses' cup of tea and the little toadstool house makes me think of Enid Blyton.


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