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Saturday, 29 January 2011

When life gives you Lemons...

Make a Lemon Drizzle cake

8 oz Butter
6 oz sugar
8 oz Self raising flour
4 eggs
Grated Lemon Zest from three lemons
Juice of 3 lemons
2tbls of sugar


Cream together butter and sugar with the lemon Zest.  Add the beaten eggs gradually mixing it together.  Fold in the flour.  Turn in to a large cake tin, a 2lb loaf tin or a Bundt tin.  Cook for 40 minutes in a medium hot oven.  When it is cooked mix the lemon juice with 2tbls of sugar and 'drizzle' it all over the cake.


  1. wooooooohooooooo!!!!!

    hello my lovely

    am i excited about this!!! :o)

    Welcome to blogland! yaay!!!

  2. Ooh i like your cute text :o)

    and yes, lemon drizzle cake will be gracing our table very soon.

    i love your side bar pic. your sweet absent friends and lovely Lacey. The Isle of Avalon..of course, one of my favourite spots in the whole wide world. the gorgeous blankie, love the colours and is ok for beginners like me? the four friends heehee love 'em. and last but not least a welcome cuppa... you do know how to treat your guests :o)

  3. Yeah I am delighted I have a follower, oh yeah i have a follower. Quick put the kettle on! Blanket is a doddle you could do it with one arm tied behind your back Millie :)

  4. oh goodo, i'd love to give it a try.
    would love another cuppa too :o)

  5. me again!

    hope you don't think you've got a stalker ;o)

    was just looking at the new pics in the side bar.

    i think my Owly cat is half panther. he tried to bring a pheasant (sideways!) through the cat flap once. when will he understand that we are vegetarians?!

    hope we get to meet the real Bob too :o)

  6. I am delighted you every time you pop over for a cuppa, made me smile thinking of Owly and the pheasant, we would have had that pheasant plucked and in red wine with a few veggies in no time. I am a firm believer in Big cats being wild in Britain, I have had my own sighting, my Dad had a sighting, and we find strange orrible things when we go for walks. There have been regular reported sightings around Worcestershire. Its the Beast of Bodmin on vacation. :)


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