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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Purple Haze 'Mini Granny Square Scarf' - 'Tah Dah'

Yeah!  Finally, 'Purple Haze' Scarf 'Tah Dah'!  
I had a willing model to demonstrate the versatility of the scarf and to demonstrate some of the ways it can be worn.  I was going to model myself but the photographer repeatedly managed to take shots of me looking exasperated and he did not manage to capture my natural radiance and beauty!
He found it some what incredulous I wanted to take more than one photograph.
By style three we were getting a rather forced smile, well it could be termed more of a grimace really!
This was the final shot of the photo shoot and it is clear the model has that far away look and has drifted off.  Nice pose though.  I like the Italian Widow look, this scarf is long enough to keep my head, ears and neck warm.
78 Mini Granny Squares of Purpleness.   468 ends to sew in of Purpleness!  I have worked on it in the car, on a train, in waiting rooms...what am I going to do without all this purpleness in my life...certainly not a bed spread.  (Ah I know I have a little bit of Alpaca to spin!)  The journey all started here 'Purple Haze Crochet Craze'  in Glastonbury High Street with a chance viewing of an 'On Sale' scarf in a shop window.
I can't tell you how many times I thought 'Why didn't I just buy that scarf?'
Should you wish to replicate my experience the instructions are here:

‘Purple Haze’  Mini Granny Square Scarf
Materials:  Double Knit (worsted weight) Yarn in colours of your own choice
Hook Size:  4.5mm

Abbreviations: (UK Crochet terminology) 
Chain - ch
Double Crochet – dc
Treble Crochet – tr
Single Crochet – sc

For the Mini Granny Squares:  Make 78
For the first round:  Make 6 chain.  Join with a slip stitch.  Ch3, tr2, ch1, tr3, ch1, tr3, ch1 tr3, join the round with a slip stitch and change colour. 
For the second round:  Chain 3, Tr 2,   (Tr3 into the corner space, ch1 tr3).   Repeat twice.  Tr3 into the final corner and join the round with a ss.  Change yarn colour.
Third round:   Chain 3, Tr 2, tr 3 into the ch space of the previous round.  (Tr3 into the corner space, ch1 tr3).   Repeat twice.  Tr3 into the final corner and join the round with a ss.  Fasten off.  Sew in the ends.
To make up:  Sew the squares together into 23 rows of three.
Work two rows of dc around the entire scarf to make a border.  
Apply Fringe:  I used nine tassels along each end. 
(I used a steam iron to block the scarf but as it is acrylic I did not touch the fabric with the iron, I used a steam setting and steamed the scarf about 1cm from the fabric, pulling and stretching it into shape as I did so).


  1. Fantastic colours - purple is my absolute favourite. I have seen lots of teenagers wearing similar recently - so bang on trend with this one:)

  2. Oooh so pretty! But boy what a lot of ends to sew in! Nice work!

  3. Your scarf looks amazing! I bet you are dead proud of it!!! :) I love the models natural poise and was laughing at the Italian Widow shot ha ha x x x

  4. I love that scarf!!!
    It is stunningly beautiful!!!!!
    And the model should think about going professional!!
    I remember when you blogged about seeing the similar scarf in Glastonbury

  5. But if you had bought that scarf in Glastonbury, you would never have that sense of achievement when someone asked you where you got it from. But now you can say that you made it, and it that is worth much more than £9.99 in the sale!

    Looks fantastic, and the purples are beautiful.

  6. wow!!!!!!! i love love love the purple scarf ❤ it's so gorgeous!!!!!!! and you have a super-duper model too :)

  7. I love your scarf and you model's gappy grin :D

  8. Nice work :) I think it came together quite nicely! I love the colors and I hope you like it more than you would have liked some store bought scarf in pre-determined colors. Stay warm!

  9. Great scarf, brilliantyl modelled.
    Carol xx

  10. Yours is so much more gorgeous than the one in the shop and beautifully modelled!

  11. fantastic!! Love love love it.

  12. oh! its so lovely, Lucy!
    Beautiful, beautiful colours.
    Lovely model too.. one big hug for the model.

  13. Gorgeous purpleness! I love that colour :-) That is some mad granny square making you've had going on woman!
    Lori xxx

  14. I love this scarf :D And your model made me smile too x

  15. A wonderful scarf. It will be a nice project for when I'm relaxing in front of the tv :)

    1. It is a perfect make for in front of the TV :)


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