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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Some of these and one of them...

I do have a life other than tinking my knitting mistakes you know.  I just have to remind myself.  I am afraid to mention the knitting.  I fear it may be jinxed.  We had a stand off for over a week, then I tinked my little heart out again to correct yet another mistake.  I do love the yarn and the pattern and will show you more when there is more to show.

How clever am I?  I can grow 'Yellow Benders'!  I am yet to eat one but they are fun to look at.  Their correct name is a Yellow Crook Necked Squash ( I think, but Yellow bender is what they are called in this house).  We have also dug up potatoes.   We are really living off the fat of the land again, if you like potatoes and yellow benders.

I am out of my comfort zone knitting a garment with a pattern.  There is a certain amount of concentrating and counting, neither are my strong points.  I often have multiple projects on the go at any one time. The opposite to counting and concentrating is to 'Freestyle'.  I have crocheted without patterns before but I have never crocheted abstract freestyle.  It is something I fancied having a go at.  I have created my first 'scrumble'.
The yarn is lilac with silver thread through it, in the photographs it is showing more as gun metal grey.  A scrumble is one piece of knitting or crochet containing several elements.  This is my first scrumble and it was for Challenge Number 1 in the Project Freeform Group on Ravelry, (you are not too late to join in).  The challenge was to only use one yarn.  I just made it all up as I went along and tried to add a variety of stitches and texture.  Now it has been photographed I can't wait to add more colour to it.  The beauty of freestyle is you can't go wrong.  Anything goes.  This 'scrumble' may not look much but I have high hopes for it.  Watch this space.  I have more scrumbles to show you just as soon as I have sewn some pesky ends in!  Move over Granny Squares, make way for the Scrumbles.


  1. Wow, I can just see this craft catching on fire and the whole world will be doing it! :-) You should eat one of those yellow benders! I love squash. I'm glad to see you post.. I'm doing one of a fun day we had yesterday at a pumpkin patch.. I hope to see you visit. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Chuckle, yellow benders ^_^ love them. I chopped and baked some of our squash the other day,but I left them in too long and they turned into troll toe nails clippings! Which, as I am sure you know!, are not edible at all! ^_^ Oh I LOVE your scrumble! I want to scrumble now!! love n hugs XOX

  3. Love your purple sparkly scrumble - so cool to just go with the flow and not have to concentrate on counting! Fab flowers and curly bits - can see a hint of granny in there too - such a versatile style!

  4. Lol yellow benders excellent name and is great to eat what you grow, I only have herbs here now but can knock up a mean concoction
    of a cuppa tea lol Go scrumble ☺☺

  5. Love your scrumble, so pretty; lilac is one of my favourite colours and add silver to it... makes it even better!

  6. I also , love your scrumble ,and what a lovely name for it , if I didn't have too much on I might have joined in with the group , oh before I forget , thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, yes Oscar is a scamp and taking all my time up


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