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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Happy Days

Euan has an extra day off school today as it is the local elections and his school is a polling station.  I had a dream last night that was very realistic.  I dreamt that I found two of our old chickens alive and well.  I was so happy to see them.  When I woke up I was a bit sad.  Of course chickens do not come back after a visit from Mr Fox.  The dream planted a seed.  What do you do with a beautiful, sunny, extra day off school?  Firstly Euan wanted to visit my Aunt who has been really unwell.  Thankfully she is on the mend and it was lovely to see her.
      Then off we went in search of some new 'chickens'.   I did not promise we would get any.  Euan is a chip off the old block and loves animals.   Once we saw the chickens for sale there was no way we were coming home without any.  We managed to choose only two.  That will be quite enough for starters.  These two ladies were in a pen with about thirty mixed hybrids.  They were sat on the same rung of a ladder together and they looked like firm friends.  It was a fairly easy decision. I am sure the guy said they are 'Barred Rock' chickens but I have just googled and they do not look like the pictures that came up.  For now we have mystery chickens.  They are at point of lay, which makes them about five months old.
      Euan hugged the box all the way home and he is very glad to have 'chicken sisters' again.  He was promising them a good life and told them he would treat them like queens.  By the time we got them home he had named them, Blossom and Bluebell.  We have both had a cuddle with each of them and I have put rings on their legs to help know who is who.  They must be tired and frightened as they are very gentle.  We have made the coop lovely again and they have moved in.  They do look frightened though, so we have left them to have some peace and quiet.  When I have finished writing this post I am going to make mugs of tea and we will go and chat to them up the garden.  
I think this smile says it all.  I am delighted to be a chicken mama again too.  I will not be forgetting to lock the coop ever again!


  1. Hi Lucy.. congrats on your new sister/daughter chickens! They are just beautiful! I have a similar looking hen, I thought she was an Ameracauna that laid blue eggs, but she lays brown ones. Enjoy them and your eggs.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) PS - I turned off "Anonymous" comments and haven't had one spam since!

  2. Hi Lucy so glad you've got chickens in your life again, you must have really missed having them around, Euan looks so happy and that's worth everything isn't it! Enjoy the bank holiday hopefully the weather will be nice enough for plenty of chicken chat in the garden LOL.x

  3. Hello Lucy, so glad you're no longer chickenless! The girls look lovely, and am sure they'll settle in very soon ... Evan looks very happy too!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Your girls look lovely, and that smile says it all :)


  5. YAY!!! I'm THRILLED for you! Evan looks so happy, bless him! The girls both look beautiful! Hugs to all of you xxxx

  6. Totally loved this photo of Evan with your new girls. I am thrilled you have got some more hens I can now look forward to your tales about them. Terribly selfish of me )-: They are so lucky to live with you because they way you talk about them shows just how much you care for animals.

    Please Mr G up there my next reincarnation can I come back as a hen and live with Lucy?

    keep well and enjoy

    Amanda :-)

  7. Aww I amso happy for you :)
    Big hugs x

  8. Hi There, That little face says it all!!! He's beaming with happiness and that's all that matters but I know you have the same beaming smiley face!!!Enjoy them and have a wonderful weekend!!!

  9. Aw, Euan's smile does indeed say it all - he looks so happy! Congratulations on the new additions to your family :) I hope they settle in soon and Iook forward to reading all about the things they get up to x x

  10. I know I've already said it! but this made me so happy for you ^_^ And just look at them! They are so beautiful. And Euan looks over the moon and back ^_^

  11. Yea Chickens! Yea Euan and Lucy! That smile certainly says it all and I am so looking forward to more chicken adventure tales. You would've thought that I had gotten the chickwens I was so happy for you all!

  12. Well, I am smiling right back at Euan and you, Lucy. Your new feathered friends are beautiful and I join the commenters above in looking forward to hearing more tales about them :-)


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