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Friday, 13 April 2012

Missing In Action!

I feel like I have neglected poor Bloggie!  I have been rather busy, doing silly stuff.  I Started Weight Watchers on Thursday.  I was rather horrified by my initial weigh in.  I genuinely think I am still in shock.  I don't know how or why I let my health get quite so bad.  I am back to counting points, weighing food and currently obsessing about such matters.  It is not easy sharing it with you or being honest.  Euan has taken it upon himself to be my 'Trainer'.  I am flattered by his willingness to support me, but he does have rather a 'Boot Camp' style that rubs me up the wrong way!  We have been 'Training'/walking everyday for the last four days.  He has barked instructions at me along the way such as 'Mom do always want to be fat!', 'Mom walk faster!', 'Mom Run!'.  'Hand rails are for wimps!'  'Mom are you feeling the pain yet, are ya?'  Jeesh, he doesn't realise how close he has come to a thick ear, while I have been puffing and panting.  Today we went to our local park, with the dog, I have a swish, new pedometer and it tells me I walked just under two miles. . . felt like at least five to me!  There is some out door fitness equipment at the park, Euan wanted me to try each one out.  I nearly did myself a mischief or three on rowing things, cross trainers, body twisters and such like.  I am sure I will feel the pain tomorrow to remind me of what a 'Silly Billy' I have been.  I couldn't even manage the suggested exercises for beginners.  Never mind.  If only Granny Square creating was a sport!
          I also have a new swimsuit.  Good Lord, you are not spoiled for choice when you are choosing a swimsuit in my size.  The song 'Roll out the Barrel' springs to mind and I am not sure when I will be actually brave enough to get the swimsuit wet!
          I am still on Easter Break until Monday, routine has gone completely out of the window.  I have a Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Guild meeting tomorrow, where there is a talk about 'Sheep, Fleece and Rare Breeds' sounds like fun to me.
          I hope you will all have a good weekend.  
                      Lucy :) x   


  1. By the time you pluck up the courage to use your swimsuit you will have lost weight and have to take it back for a smaller size!!!

    I was very pleased to receive the Versatile Blogger Award recently and now it gives me great pleasure to nominate you for this award!

    To find out more about the Versatile Blogger Award have a look at the post of the same name over on my blog. Congratulations! :)

  2. Best of luck with your healthy lifestyle! At least walking has potential to be enjoyable. It does sound though you don't get much peace and quiet when you go walking. Evan sure is a slave driver!

    Enjoy the rest of your break, particularly your Guild Day! It sounds like a wonderful day ahead of you. Have fun!

  3. What a good girl you are. I need to follow your lead.. I do.. yes, indeedy I do. Good think you have your taskmaster living there to keep you honest.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Go you! Doesn't it feel great once you HAVE done it! Honestly, I do feel so lazy and don't want to go out running! But knowing about how I feel after I have kicked myself in the backside and went out and did move and did something good for my health, that gets me going. And it might sound weird but I love the guy on the Couch to 5K app telling me "Well done, we'll see you again in a couple of days" after each run no matter how slow I was! So make sure Euan knows that he needs to tell you in the end that you did a great job for today.
    I am here waiting here to hear of your progress and clapping hands!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh my goodness well done! I'm thinking of going back to slimming world. It's that or stealing bigger jeans. I would have to steal them because I point blank refuse to BUY a bigger size! :) Your trainer sounds fantastic, although when we were walking with the kids the other day and I was told to "just suck it up mom" I do know where the thick ear urge comes from LOL. Good luck Lucy, you will be a skinny minnie in no time at all.

  6. I know how you feel. My friend and I decided yesterday that we would join fat club again! (That's what we call Weight Watchers) so depressing.

  7. WW has been brilliant for me - dont give up or despair, I was in the same position as you just over a year ago and how now lost 3 stone and feel sooooo much better!

    Good luck and keep smiling!!

    Helen xx

  8. My goodness you have a tough personal trainer! I hope you start feeling the benefits of your new regime soon :)

  9. That trainer sounds really fierce! We have those outdoor gym things too I'm way to scared to use them cos I know I'd show myself up LOL!

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