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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Five Reasons Why I love Blogging

1)   Other Bloggers are so lovely. 
 I received this little parcel in the post from my Blog Buddy Carol.  Carol likes to Smile At the Flowers so much so that is the name of her blog.  She has been enjoying the Spring sunshine and tending her garden in between all the crafty projects.  Carol mentioned she had some 'Honesty' seeds that she would be willing to post to Blog Buddies.  I love 'Honesty', tall, vibrant pink flowers then best of all when it goes to seed, you get translucent 'pennies' containing the seeds.  My Mom would use 'Honesty' in dried flower arrangements when I was little.  Not only did the package contain 'Honesty' seeds but also some lovingly wrapped little plants.  Complete with plant labels to help the novice identify the goodies.

Jacobs Ladder

Helleborus Oriental

Helleborus Corsicus



 and Hesperis Matronalis.

Euan and I got out in the garden yesterday and planted these babies and gave them a drink.  I really hope we will be 'Smiling At The Flowers' soon.  I must thank Carol not only for the lovely parcel but also for her ongoing support in 'The Pasty Power Protest'!
I have made some great friends in Cyber Space and they even spill over into the 'Real' World like my Blog Buddy Claire at Simply Life.  Huh, still can't get over Claire is only 10 minutes from my house!   

2)  I find lots of great recipe and cooking ideas.
This weeks favourite recipe came from Kashi's Corner.  It is her recipe for Raspberry/Plum Oatbars.  My little plum tree has got lots of blossom on for the first time this year, so I have high hopes for a plum or two.  Then maybe next year there will be enough for Plum Jam.  I used a jar of homemade Plum Jam that my friend gave me to make these bars and they make a good snack for hungry boys on Easter Break.  The good news is my Jam making friend is about to move house and the garden has another Plum Tree.  I could live off Blog Recipes for the rest of my life I am sure.

3)  Reading Other Peoples Blogs Make Me Happy.
Actually more than that, they often have me laughing out loud!   Knits and Crosses has to have my favourite 'Cookery' posts of all.  They are usually timely and I find them when I am in a grouchy, tired mood.  They have me belly laughing in no time.  Not only is Sarah clearly bonkers, (if you click the link you will see what I mean, in the nicest possible way of course), I think her writing is brilliantly comical and the recipes are very tasty and practical too.
I also love to look at other peoples Crafty Projects and gain a lot of inspiration and ideas from Bloggy sharing.  Gothy and Her Crafty Stuff has some amazing journeys from fibre, to yarn, to finished projects.  Yeah I lose sight of that!  The finished projects!
I think this is a great post too from The Smiling Robot, not only is Grace showcasing 'A Rabbit Disguised as a Zebra' with one ear up and one ear down, which in my opinion is a genius little creation, but she is also showcasing her finished pair of 'Granny Chic Granny Stripe Wrist Warmers' Made using my pattern.  

4)  Surely Everyone Loves a Blog Give Away?
I find Blog Give Aways a bit too exciting and if you win, well it is the highlight of the week!
There are some really exciting ones at the moment if you enjoy crafty stuff.

5)  I learn a lot from Blogs.
I had never heard of 'Extreme Crochet' until I came across 'Fiddly Fingers' Blog.  I love the giant crochet projects, Granny Squares the size of cushions and 'Chester' the Cat who is bigger than me!
           I also learn about other parts of the country and the world via blog reading.  I have learned all sorts of things over the year from Teresa Kasner.  Teresa lives in a beautiful part of the world and shares her knowledge about the Natural History and Heritage of her area on a regular basis, including Native American history, accompanied fantastic photography.
           I also learn about others perspectives on life and blogging helps me to slow down and smell the roses.  I recently enjoyed this post from Different Choices and this post from Chicken Stitches.

I learn about gardening, crafts, cultures, cookery, places, people. . . blogging has turned me into a proper clever clogs!  I could go on and on with more 'Reasons Why I love Blogging' but I am sure I have gone on and on enough already. 
I hope you check out at least some of the links that I have posted as they are sure to give you a smile or two.  


  1. Thank you Lucy, I don't remember how I found your blog, but I am so happy I did. It is definitely on my favorites list. Happy Sunday.

    1. Thanks Kashi, the Oat bars are a big hit :)

  2. I agree - those are all great blogs. xx

    1. I love your new found crochet posts too :) you are doing some great work xxx

  3. Those oat bars look rather yummy.

    1. Give them a try they are delicious and they keep really well, of they get the chance :)

  4. Hi Lucy.. wow, loved your post today as I totally agree. Thanks for the mention.. ((hugs))! I got your package sent out in the mail on Friday.. actually we can thank Dayle for posting it and filling out all the papers and paying for it. :-) Now.. the box is small but full of fun things.. and one of the best parts of the swap had to be sent in an envelope separate from the box. If you get one or the other first, you may want to wait and open the box and envelope together. Fun fun FUN!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Teresa that information is too exciting, we have parcels passing over the pond as we 'speak'. Thank Dayle very much won't you. xxx If I were more organised and planned the writing for my posts, I could have thought of many more reasons why I love blogging. :) (((Hugs)))

  5. Hi Lucy, Thanks for the lovely mention! I'm glad my post made you smile :D

    I think I'll be making another bunny disguised as a zebra soon x

  6. Your so right, other blogs are just so inspiring, and all the bloggers I know are delightful ;-) Jude x

  7. I have just clicked on 4 of those links I might be here a whilw

  8. What a lovely post! It made me smile and think about how happy I am to have my toe in the wonderful pool of the blogging community. :) I am always amazed at how inspiring so many bloggers are.

  9. Blogging is wonderful isn't it :) How kind of Carol to send you those flowers :) Lovely blog post Lucy, I really enjoyed reading it :) xxx

  10. What a lovely post ^_^ And such a lovely lot of plants for you. Blog giveaways are such fun aren't they ^_^ Just a little whisper in your ear....if you don't win my giveaway I'm always happy to swop^_^
    Happy smiles for you

    1. Steph that is very sweet of you, but I am going to win that Give Away :) xxx

  11. I know exactly what you mean: blogging is awesome! I also never imagined it bringing me so much; love, attention and new friends! <3

  12. Awwww thank you, Lucy, I'm behind with my blog reading (and blogging) so had missed this kind post. Glad you liked the plants and hope they thrive and bring you lots of smiles and pleasure.
    Yes, there are many things to like about blogworld but none more than the lovely people who inhabit it.
    Carol xx
    p.s. those oatcakes look scrumptious, bet they didn't last long.


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