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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Life is Yummy in More ways than one....

Over on Ravelry the 'Yummy Yarns' Group have been busy knitting Yummy Yarn to celebrate Wool Week that was at the start of September.  It is a competition to win more yarn!  To enter you just need to make something from 'Yummy Yarn' Purchased from Yummy Yarns UK.  I bought this gorgeous yarn 'Floral Dance and tried to knit a shawl, I did not get beyond ten rows when I fell out with the Yarn, the pattern and knitting. I frogged it and started to make a Ruffle Scarf.  I now have over 1000 stitches per row and it is taking me ages to knit a row.  I am not sure how this scarf will turn out, it is a leap of faith, but I love the yarn.  I am hoping it will be finished by Friday!
This little tree is providing more Yummy of a different kind, what these apples lack in appearance they make up for in taste.  I have made Tomato, Apple and Chilli Chutney:
My partner dug in to the chutney and then came and asked me 'What sort of Jam is that?'  Hmmm I would ask before I spread it over my toast!  We have enjoyed Roast Pork with good old Apple Sauce:
The apples are sweet so I do not need to add sugar.  Quite a bit has gone into the freezer to be used over the winter.
The diet Healthy Eating Plan recommends eating fruit, you can eat all the apples you would like, nobody mentioned the pie!  Forbidden Fruit tastes so delicious.  Why is that?  Normally I can take or leave Apple Pie.  Now on this diet Healthy Eating Plan I could happily gorge the entire pie!
For tea/dinner or whatever you like to call it, I have made Turkey, Bacon and Apple Casserole:
I am looking forward to this.  The only question is can I resist this as an accompaniment?
I doubt it because I am a bit of an Old Rascal!


  1. What a fun yarn you're using :) I love the colors! And the ruffly scarf you chose is stunning! I really might need to look into that pattern a bit...what weight are you using for your yarn? The picture looks like it might be fingering weight, maybe DK. Anywho, the apples look yummy and I hope you're enjoying all of your apple recipies! Glorious fruit, apples.

  2. I look forward to seeing what your scarf turns out like, I can't tell from the photo! I'm constantly impressed with your cooking experiments! Now I want some apple pie. My mom was renowned for her incredible pie making skills. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That yarn is yummy indeed! Lovely.
    Lmao at the chutney on toast, sounds like something that would happen in my house. Have you tried adding a spoon of it to gravy? LUSH!
    There's no rascal like an old rascal!

  4. Wonderful! Off to get me some yarn.

  5. I love using Patricia's Yummy Yarns and your scarf looks like it's going to be wonderful :) Mmmmm all of your apple recipes look delicious and I LOVE the sound of your chutney...all we are making with our apples is cake, so I think a chutney is in order!

  6. That yarn is so awesome I love the colors!!

    The apples sounds like they are turning into a true blessing. It all sounds so amazing!

  7. That yarn really does look Yummy! It is beautiful! Can't wait to see it all finished.

  8. Hi Lucy!

    All the best with your scarf! I'm sure it'll come out GREAT!! Your Chutney looks yummy! I feel like making some too:)

  9. Your yummy yarn picture is so tantalizing, I had to comment. Really pretty stuff, thanks for sharing and providing the link.


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