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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Pink Granny Square

I really wanted to get to this demo.  It is was over 100 miles from me and I have the stinking flu so I gave up on the idea! I made four Crochet Granny Square panels to go towards the seven mile peace scarf that was joined up today.  I wanted to photograph them to share with you, but the flash broke on my camera and then the dog had an accident with the cable that links the camera to the computer.  I need a new camera!  I have been looking on social media for photographs of the day and I spotted my 'Granny'.  It made me ridiculously happy to see it getting pinned to the fence!I would have loved to have seen seven miles of pink yarn loveliness.  Never mind follow the yellow brick road, a seven mile pink scarf?  Awesome.


  1. Looks like a great project!

    Hope you feel much better soon, Helenxx

  2. Poor you, get well soon!
    I am going to check out Youtube and see if I can see our knitting!

  3. Hey Lucy! I love your contribution it looks fab :-) I didn't manage to make anything for the scarf even though I've known about it for months... But I do know a few who did :-) Hope you're feeling better my dear x

  4. I'll say it again!!! It is soooo awesome that your square is there!!! I am glad you got to see it. Sending feel better hugs XOXOX

  5. Totally awesome!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!! Have a crative and happy week!!!
    AMarie xxx


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